Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Finishing" Edges...

 Beaded Blanket Stitch on the edge of a Punchneedle design

We are in a "crispy cold snap" here in Pennsylvania...
(It was 0 degrees this morning)
"Stay inside" weather !

The perfect time to place 
the finishing touches on a few projects.

~~ To back your Punchneedle project with wool
 and provide an attractive edge... ~~ 

When you fold under and secure the Weavers Cloth 
to the back of your completed project,
allow approximately 1/4 inch (or a bit less)
of Weavers Cloth to extend 
beyond your design edge.

Center your completed Punchneedle project
onto a piece of felted wool fabric of your choice.

(I like to spread a good fabric adhesive 
on the back of the punchneedle piece,
before centering it on the wool fabric
and then press it into place.)

**If you use fabric adhesive, allow to dry 
before beginning the Beaded Blanket Stitch.**

**'Elmers Craft Bond for Fabric and Paper' 
is a good adhesive for Punchneedle work.  
It dries clear and remains flexible.**

Trim the wool to approximately 1/4 inch
beyond the Weavers Cloth edge.

Fold over the wool fabric edge as you  
do a Beaded Blanket Stitch to secure.

I used Valdani Perle Cotton #8 for the edging,
which is the same Thread I used 
in my Punchneedle design.

I love embellishing my projects with beads...

I used Czech Glass Beads, size 6/0,
however any size bead would look beautiful.

**Always use glass beads as plastic beads 
could melt when your project is pressed.**

The 'Winter Pine' Punchneedle Pattern 
can be found in my Studio.

Additional "finishes" to come...

Enjoy your weekend and 'stay warm'...


  1. Oh My Rose - This finish is absolutely beautiful on your new punch needle piece - I wonder if I could ever be any good at beading? Hmmm..... might have to give it a try.

  2. Beautiful finishing for your punch needle work. I hope the freezing cold doesn't last too long for you. We stayed indoors yesterday aswell as it was 42 C which I have calculated to be about 104 F.....very nasty.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. Wow. Very nice! Yep. My PA feet are cold today!

  4. That is a beautiful way to finish a punchneedle piece! Thanks for sharing! Cold 8 degrees here in central nj too... i can't remember the last time it was this durn cold here... hooking with wool today...

  5. Beautiful!!!!!! I've a friend (Deb) who does a lot of embellishing with beads. She's a hooker, a quilter, applique, needlepunch, you name it she does it. Seems to me I've sent her your blog link before but will send it to her again.

    Stay warm girl.


  6. Oh I do love that beaded blanket stitch--I am going to use it on my CQJP--great tute! hugs, Julierose

  7. That is such a beautiful finish, Rose! I love the beading...I would have never thought to add it to my punch needle designs. I have been using a lot of chenille trim. It's cold here in Michigan too and we are gearing up for another super snow storm starting this evening and lasting into Sunday evening. I love the snow..but not the cold! Stay warm!

  8. That is beautiful! I don't know how you get so much done~ though I know a little snow has helped:)
    Those beads just add a richness to the piece don't they?

  9. gorgeous Rose. Love the beaded finish.


  10. It is just beautiful. I have never used beads before. I was trying to put some on a pillow I was doing and well lets say it wasn't pretty.
    I love how yours look. I also liked how you finish your punch needle. I always like reading how the backs of things are finished. Have a lovely Sunday. I hope it isn't too much colder.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this finish. Love the beadwork. That is a beautiful design for winter..

  12. Thank you for sharing this lovely technique with us. The project is beautiful. Hope to try it soon. Linda in slippery Strasburg.

  13. Rose ... what a wonderful post. The beads look fantastic. Thank you for sharing your ideas and skills with us.

  14. Rose, I love the finishing edge on your project. It really adds a special sophisticated touch.

    We are back in Florida today and wouldn't you know it? We are in for the coldest temps here tonight...wind chill in the 20s. Ugh! But at least we won't have all the snow to deal with. :)

  15. I love these beaded edges and appreciate the up-close "look".

  16. Your detail work is so exquisite!

  17. That's a great way to finish up your project! I love the colour mix of the beads you chose.

  18. I just found your blog & am very happy!
    I love doing needle punch. I LoVe the way you finished it up. I will have to give it a try.
    Never used Perle cotton to punch before. I usually punch with Valanti varigated threads for the prim look or regular embroidery thread and do some shading to create the look I want.

  19. Wow, that is so beautiful! Blessings,Jen

  20. I have only just discovered this lovely craft and hungry to learn all I can about it. Thank you for such clear instructions.


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