Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Orange Peel Quilt And A New Year...

Made entirely from my children's jeans 
and shirts/t-shirts...
this version of an Orange Peel Quilt is 
especially appealing to me.

I LOVE to sew by hand...
Machine sewing ? - eh, not so much.

So while this quilt is by far, *not perfect*...
it has a lovely time worn charm 
and memories galore,
just by using old clothing.

When you piece it together, 
the back is as clean as the front.
(A finished product, with no other work needed !)

Back of Orange Peel Quilt

I saved "old, tattered, holes in the knees" jeans
for years, until I had enough to finish this quilt.
(It is the ONLY time I wished my 4 children
 would outgrow their clothing quickly ;)

Did I mention it is VERY heavy ?
It was not easy maneuvering it around
on the sewing machine...
but so worth it when completed.

A fresh New Year is before us.
I have a vision for 2014 and am excited to dig in !

I love a new planner ~ empty, white pages ~
waiting to be filled with...
adventures and rabbit trails ;)

New Years Eve day, 
I received my issue of Inspirations Magazine 
from Australia !

A stunning Hand Embroidery magazine, 
with beautiful projects and "how tos".
(What a great way to bring in the New Year ;)

Wishing you a healthy 2014 !

"Don't follow, lead.
Don't copy, create.
Don't start, finish.
Don't sit still, move.
Don't fit in, stand out.
Don't sit quietly, speak up.
Not all the time, but more often."

(This picked my interest years ago, but not sure who to credit for it.)



  1. OMG Rose you are making my head spin. Your quilt is awesome and will last forever. Hope you do realize you'll have to make one for each of your children. Guess they are fighting over who will get this one already. Would assume it is the eldest child.

    Happy New Year gurlfren.


  2. Beautiful quilt and oh the memories it must hold.

    Happy New Year Rose.


  3. I love that quilt! It turned out fantastic. I love your quote too and I hope to have the same idea to create much more.
    I really have enjoyed reading you this year and look forward to a new year. There is something great too about a new planner full of all of that blank space.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Great quilt Rose - I made that same pattern a long time ago, but used homespun plaids and calico prints - I wonder where that quilt is? Hmmm.......

  5. Beautiful quilt, Rose! How wonderful that it is made out of so many memories. I need to find that magazine.....I need some inspiration! Have a wonderful New Year!

  6. I love the orange peal. You might be the only person I have 'met' that prefers hand stitching - me too:0) Usually when I say I prefer hand stitching, people wrinkle their noses at me. Happy New Year and blessing for a wonderful 2014.

  7. Fantastic quilt and oh the memories it must bring back for you. Happy New Year! Blessings,Jen

  8. Rose, your quilt is fantastic! And I can imagine how heavy it must be.....but all those soft, comfy jeans are worth it! Beautiful job.....and what a nice bunch of memories it will conjure! :o)

  9. I absolutely LOVE your quilt. Great job :)

    I've never done any hand stitching but you have inspired me to try some...on a small piece, of course ;

  10. I absolutely LOVE your quilt. Great job :)

    I've never done any hand stitching but you have inspired me to try some...on a small piece, of course ;

  11. Beautiful quilt! I do like these orange peel designs... but, yours being made of clothing makes it even more beautiful!
    I'm still using the traditional "paper planners" too! :-) So much nicer and easier to access than any electronic version...

  12. Oh my goodness what a treasure.
    Truly beautiful.
    Happy New Year
    Woolie Blessings


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