Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beginner Punch Needle...

Ever want to learn "how to" punchneedle ??
Not sure where to begin ??
What do you need to get started ??

I have put together a Punchneedle Pattern 
that is specially designed for a beginner.

It has detailed instructions with
dozens of thumbnail photos that will 
guide the beginner through the steps to complete
this 'Sheep' Punchneedle design.

Lots of helpful tips and useful information.

 'Bonus' instructions for finishing your project
with a wool backing and 
a Beaded Blanket Stitch, included.

Back of 'Sheep' Punchneedle Design

And, for those who want 
all the essentials included...

 Beginner Punchneedle Kit...

  • 7in. Morgan no-slip hoop
  • "Ultra Punch" Punchneedle with small needle and threader 
  • Premium Weavers Cloth
  • 'Sheep' Punchneedle Pattern, specially designed for a beginner with detailed instructions and dozens of thumbnail photos
  • Valdani Perle Cotton Thread #8 - 3 balls, to complete project
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

This Beginner 'Sheep' Punchneedle Kit is available
and can be found in my Studio.

Enjoying a quiet snowy Sunday...


  1. This little sheep is so cute! As soon as I get caught up with my quilt... I'll be ordering some punch stuff...

  2. Hope you get lots of orders as it is a complete package and with a cute as the dickens design.


  3. Hope you sell lots Rose and I hope you had a great Sunday too.


  4. What an awesome kit and I adore the pattern. In my younger days, I would have loved to do this. Arthritis and tremor would make it too difficult now. Thanks so much for sharing your creative designs with us.

  5. Brilliant!! As a newbie this will be a great help for me. Had problems punching The Nightshift & finally figured out I didn't do something right when I changed from medium to small needle. Going better now.....guess it was just "operator trouble" as my dad always said!!!


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