Friday, February 7, 2014

Black, White And Red 'Finish'..

French Country Hen punchneedle

It is amazing what a can of flat black 
and a metal frame can do for a hen !!

I have been searching for a finish 
for my 'French Country Hen' punchneedle design.

This metal frame caught my fancy, 
probably because of those 
little round knobs or 'buttons'.

One good coat of Flat Black spray paint
to make the black and white checks 'pop'.

I am excited to have this piece on display 
in Tennessee, at the Nashville Needlework Market
February 15 and 16th.

Time to ponder a project to stitch
while watching the Olympics.

Have a safe and creative Friday...


  1. That frame is perfect for it! Love it!

  2. These two pieces look perfect together! What's your secret to making the needlepunch fit the frame? It seems like mine always stretches a bit and turns out too big for the opening - hmmm......

  3. Well done and it looks marvy. It would probably looked good with the rusty showing. Well, that's me because as you've seen I like old dark dank antique looking stuff.


  4. And it turned out lovely Rose.

    Have a great weekend stitching and watching the Olympics

  5. What a nice finish for the bird and the frame! One would think you planned that all along. Interestingly, on my computer screen the frame looks dark blue. You should see how good that looks too!

  6. Wow, it really came out nice, Rose. Again, congratulations on the feature...everyone there is in for a real treat!

  7. Hi Rose! I have to tell you how wonderful it always is to stop by here and see your beautiful creations. Your designs and the colors you use make my heart go pitter-pat! I love how this black frame looks with your pretty chicken...and I love your new banner also! xo

  8. It is beautiful. What fun it would be to go to Nashville and see it in person. I just love those colors.

  9. So pretty and vibrant! How wonderful that your are a part of the market! Good luck and have fun!

  10. It is just lovely!


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