Friday, February 21, 2014

Punch Needle Backgrounds...

When I am ready to punch a background,
I will gather up several color choices and 
place them on the inside of the hoop,
next to the design and see how they compare.

Almost right away, I can eliminate a few.

Sometimes, it is not so clear or easy !
As with the following design...

I love this Valdani thread - Monochrome.
But the final result just wasn't what I had in mind !

Luckily, Perle Cotton pulls out "clean and quick"...

This Black and White check
gave this punchneedle design
the "crisp and clean" background I wanted.

Back to my current punchneedle background...

I love the strong colors in this design.
I really wanted a background color 
that would warm up this piece.

Valdani Perle Cotton #8 in Vanilla Sky
was perfect.  

Pale and slightly golden at the same time.
This shade has a faint hint of pale blue mist in it.

I think it might work. ;)

This mornings front page headline !!

Enjoy your Friday !


  1. I love your color/background choices. Hope you stay safe and warm this weekend.
    We woke early to a thunderstorm.

  2. I love those background colors so much. I do really love that white and black check too. Yes, I saw the weather and I couldn't believe that another storm is headed your way. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Every color in this piece plays well together... the background is perfect! I hope you anticipate offering this as a pattern... Yesterday's afternoon news was nice enough to inform me of the big storm... I think he said wednesday.... I've been trying to move snow around (my yard) so that it will melt faster... in anticipation needing the space to pile up some more! *ack*

  4. That Vanilla Sky is gorgeous! We got the same headline but it was difficult to read through the fog - scary fog. I don't know what is worse. So done with this weather --- so ready for spring.

  5. I think your background color choices clearly make your work unique. Your are correct in choosing a color that makes the main colors pop. Anther storm, I suspect there is some divine reason for giving us more snow but I wish someone would explain! This side of the mountains may not get it quite as bad I hear, but they lie all the time.

  6. Wow! I can't believe the difference between the monochrome and black and white check background!! Thank you for sharing your process with us Rose....and that weather...all's I can say is happy punching!! :)

  7. Yep from what they are saying, but we'll wait and see

    Love all your colors. BTW how many rolls of Valdani do you think you may have.

    They sure are beautiful.


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