Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow ~ Snow ~ Snowmen...


All day, snow...

Heavy, wet snow...

The next Storm warning has already 
been issued for Wednesday...

White beautifulness everywhere you look.

I just love the "eyelashes" on this snowgirl
and 'her' sweet curly Q arms.

These are the snowmen I prefer to work with ;)

This was one of the 'Friday Finds' that I 
brought home.

"The Night Shift" Punchneedle Design

This metal shovel, seemed to be the perfect fit for
my snowmen.

Stay warm dear friends ;)


  1. Wasn't it just the prettiest snowfall?
    Truly beautiful and fun to watch.
    Warm woolie hugs

  2. Aha, I remember the dust pan and the snowman punch needle. It looks GREAT. I love it like that.

    Yes the snow was beautiful, however I didn't get any pics.

    Your are quite lovely BTW.


  3. Beautiful pictures of beautiful snow and yes, I also like the eyelashes and curly arms on the snowgirl. Stay warm!

  4. I love your snowman shovel / dust pan. That is fantastic! I like to say God makes rain and snow so I will clean my house:) If the weather is too nice, I'm outside, so that's just a sign that you are suppose to stay inside and play with fibers.
    Keep warm.

  5. How cute! What a great combo...putting your snowmen on a shovel! Looks like a beautiful snowfall!

  6. I also loved the snowman's eyelashes. Dust pan'm!


  7. Wow, that's a lot of snow. I love all the snowmen.

  8. All that lovely snow. Your snow lady and your dust pan are so nice.
    It is hard to imagine all of that snow. Stay warm

  9. Yep, I'd say the shovel was MEANT to provide a new home for your darling little snowmen! Hope the heavy snow didn't break any tree branches for you - we lost a few last month.....

  10. How cute your snow shovel, much cuter than the one I have had to employ to shovel all this white plague. Early in the season. I appreciated the beauty, now it is a problem. Like the stinkbugs! Love, love, love the mini-yo-yo's.

  11. Un trabajo hermoso.
    Qué frío!!
    Saludos desde las Islas Canarias.


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