Monday, April 14, 2014

Garden Work And The Hammock...

Daffodils and Grape Hyacinths

We have had the most beautiful, 
warm and breezy days.

My absolute favorite Moss - blooming !

We have several areas in our gardens
where we turn clay pots upside down.  
We do this to discourage ducks 
from nesting in our flower beds...
because while they are interesting to watch,
they eat and 'pluck' all of the greenery they can find...
which usually means all of my Hostas 
are torn to bits ;(

I love how after a few seasons, 
moss begins to grow up the sides of the clay pots.

Beautiful weather goes hand in hand 
with lawn work.
Rose Bushes need trimmed 
and Cherry Trees need pruned...

At the end of the lawn work...
my favorite part of warm weather is waiting for me.
The Hammock...
I love to watch the clouds and hear 
the sounds of the neighborhood.
(a lawn mower in the distance, 
kids playing in the neighborhood,
a dog barking)

After a long, harsh and bitter cold winter...
Spring has never been sweeter !

Enjoy some hometown America !


  1. You're on top of all that yard work, I'm just THINKING about it still - LOL! Sounds like our growing seasons are in sync cuz my daffodils & grape hyacinths are blooming too - a few tulips with color showing. I love your moss - our yard it too shady to grow a lot of things - I'd love to have a moss garden like some I've seen on Pinterest, but I think it's too dry here to do it effectively. Glad you got to enjoy your hammock as your reward!

  2. Wow your gardens are looking great.I love moss,so heartbroken last summer when we had to dig a french drain beside the house.I had Irish moss growing there (10 + years) and hubby had to dig it up.I am going to find me a couple of pots to turn upside down,yours is so cute.Have a great evening.Blessings,Jen

  3. It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it. Ya know I never knew moss bloomed, if I did I completely forgot.

  4. Ducks come nest in your flowerbeds? I do know how destructive they can be and messy. We had a wild pair decide our swimming pool was the next place they were going to live. I was so glad when they moved on. I never thought about them nesting in a flowerbed. I love how pretty spring looks at your house and all of the new blooming flowers. Lovely hammock. Did you get cold weather today?
    Don't you just love gardening?

  5. It's beautiful here, too! Love you hammock....and pots with moss.

  6. Beautiful photos and so glad that pretty weather has found you! Have a wonderful Easter!


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