Friday, April 4, 2014

Jacobean Needlekeepers...

Wool Applique using scraps of hand dyed wool, 
mill dyed wool and repurposed wool.

Salvation Army and Goodwill
have a wonderful selection 
of Ladies wool skirts 
that are perfect to repurpose 
and add to your wool stash.

With all of the rain we have been having,
I have been able to work on 
several different needlekeeper designs.

Jacobean Flowers in different shades,
Blanket Stitched in place and
embellished with just a touch of hand embroidery...

Soft Wool Fabric trimmed in a Beaded Blanket Stitch.

Patterns are next...


"You don't drown by falling into water,
you only drown if you stay there."
                            Zig Ziglar

Have a fabulous Friday !


  1. Oh Rose, these are just as beautiful as the others! I sooo love your work! ♥ Paulette

  2. Beautiful Rose. And I love the Zigism.

  3. I think I like the blue flower the best! Love the quote... because (after all) we ALL fall into water sooner or later... it's all on how a person handles that situation...

  4. Oh I love these soooooo much.....they make me smile!!!! (Ok...needle nerd alert!!). I'm giving g one of these to everyone on my Christmas list whether they sew or not...everyone needs a needle to sew on a button....right???

  5. How nice and how springy they look. You have been so busy.
    I love the quote by Zig Ziggler..

  6. very beautiful , I like.....; kisses , evelyne France

  7. Oh Rose,those are so beautiful! Blessings,Jen


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