Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rug Hooked Boxes...

Rug Hooked Box

I am a 'gatherer' of boxes, containers 
and wooden items.
(tool carriers, old wood cabinets with lots of drawers, etc.)

I dream of how I can transform them.

I have a large stash of these 'cardboard' type 
boxes, in all shapes.
I first paint them with acrylic paint.  When dry,
with a soft cloth, I apply a good old fashioned
shoe wax to the container.
Then, with a clean cloth, I buff out the box, 
using circular motions.
This gives the box a nice old patina 
and a protective coat.

I love rustic 'old-time' flowers...

The box lids can be topped with rug hooking, 
punch needle embroidery, wool applique,
cross stitch, or plain fabric.

I will use these boxes for gift giving.
Filled with chocolate or soaps or a fresh potted herb.
Quick and easy to make...
it's like two gifts in one !

"Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path -
and leave a trail."
                                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have a fabulous Tuesday !


  1. Your boxes are perfectly charming, Rose! Whoever gets these little beauties will cherish them forever! xo

  2. Mmmmm... rug hooking and chocolate... a match made in heaven! :-) Love the flowers on these!

  3. What a thoughtful gift. I love it!

  4. Beautiful hooked pieces! I love to use boxes in my projects too.Have fun creating.Blessings,Jen

  5. I love these, I too am a collector of boxes. I really like how you make the hooked top. I have never done a hooked top before. I love your colors of wool. They are so pretty. What a good idea too, to use for gifts. I never thought of that either.

  6. Hi Rose!
    Oh I love your hooked boxes - I purchased several this past week to make them for a show I'm doing after Thanksgiving (need to start early ya know!)
    For my painted ones I do the exact process - that paste shoe polish is fantastic for many things.
    Love the boxes you did.

  7. I also have some of those boxes and should put something hooked on one or so. Great idea.

  8. I have never seen boxes like that but they are very beautiful. A great idea.

  9. Love your gift idea. Will try the shoe polish as I've never heard of that. I've done boxes with wool applique, but never with my hooking. What kind of glue do you use to hold it down?

  10. Love this idea, never thought about waxing them. I so want to learn to
    do rug hooking, it's on my bucket list.

  11. Your boxes are wonderful! I, too, would love to know how you attach the hooked pieces.
    Happy hooking.

  12. A few people have emailed me about how to adhere the rug hooking onto the box.
    I use either "Fabri-Tac" or a hot glue gun. Either method works well.


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