Friday, May 9, 2014

Crazy For Crazy Quilts...

Cotton Crazy Quilt Wall Hanging

I adore Crazy Quilts.
They are just like people...
Every part of them is random, scrappy, 
not perfect, colorful, "mix-matched" 
and yet when it all comes together,
it is a beautiful treasure.

Wool Crazy Quilt Wall hanging

Wool Crazy Quilt Pillow

I thought I would try to carry the Crazy Quilt concept 
over to Punchneedle.  I think I have it.
(and even if I don't, it was fun trying !)

A fun and lighthearted piece to create...

Strawberries, bumble bees, climbing vines,
lazy cats, Spring blooms and "embroidered seams" 
in Punch Needle Embroidery.

Enjoy your Friday !


  1. What a wonderful idea, and I bet it was fun. I love crazy quilts too. I have never made one but I have thought about it time and time again.
    One of my book club ladies has the most stunning one made of velvet her mother in law made. It hangs in her living room. I just stand and stare at it. I love your wall hanging.

  2. Oh MY! You always come up with such unique projects - I love it!

  3. I like crazy quilts too and always admired all the neat stitches on them. Looking forward to seeing your needlepunch crazy quilt style too. Oh, luv your wool strawberries.

  4. It looks wonderful so far! Beautiful pics in your new header.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. That looks like so much fun to make. Love all the colors and randomness (is that a word?) of the design.

  6. Brilliant idea!! A fun spring piece....a happy piece!!

    Happy Mothers Day!!

  7. Very clever idear! I love it! :-)

  8. Crazy quilts have always been a favorite of your comparison!

  9. Transferring the Crazy Quilt concept to needle punch is brilliant. I have seen some outstanding Crazy Quilt examples, mostly Vintage, that are amazing works of art. One of these days i will return to working on mine. Since I am on my way to Vintage I better get a move on! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent Rose, you always brighten my day!

  10. Your crazy quilt is stunning, I zoomed in an read all the quotes on it.
    I have always admired the stitches and time put into making one of them.
    It's on my bucket list.

    Also loving your punch needle pattern of a crazy quilt concept..

  11. I've always wanted to make a crazy's on my to do list. As always,,,,enjoy seeing your's always so inspiring Rose!

    1. Oh stop by and link this post up at my Tuesday Archives Linky next Tue (May 27th) as one of the themes is: CRAZY QUILTS!!!!

  12. I'm sure you succeeded in carrying it to punch needle. You are one talented lady. The quilt is beautiful as is the punch needle.

  13. I love crazy quilts and now that I love wool too, you've reminded I've got another notch to put on the "To Do" list -- a wool crazy! Also can you tell me -- on the wool crazy pillow, was the stitching done by machine and what weight thread was used?


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