Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Sunny Sunflowers...

Sweet Sunny Sunflowers...
remind me of lazy summer days ;)

Punchneedle Crazy Quilt Block

I love how the small flower is hanging
it's head. I've always wondered why
sunflowers do that.  I guess it must be 
the weight of the seeds. 

The centers have been punched 
using Valdani Perle Cotton in 'Antique Golds'.
I am loving the happy shades of these petals, 
in lemon yellow and butter.
(Punched using Valdani 'Spring Lights')

A tender little lamb has found a place
on this Crazy Quilt block, too.

The sweet smell of lilacs must mean 
summer is surely on it's way.

Enjoy your Friday !


  1. My my my.....this just keeps getting better & better!! The sunflowers really make me smile. This piece will be a real work of art......terrific idea!!!!!

  2. Good morning Rose - what a sweet punchneedle. I find punchneedle to be very relaxing to do and I have 3 new ones I need to start but want to wait for when I have time to sit and FINISH it in one sitting. Your Sunflowers and sheep are just too wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing your creations with us.
    Blessings to you,

  3. I agree with Kathy F ... this will be a real work of art! Love that adorable sheep : )

  4. So beautiful Rose, and the lilacs are so pretty too.

  5. Pretty sunflowers and cute little lamb. Will this be a wall hanging?

    Your lilacs are beautiful, I can almost smell them all they way down in FL.

  6. They are just lovely and what lovely lilacs!! Yes, that is why they hang their heads, so heavy with seeds. Sometimes those giant heads can weigh 3 or 4 pounds. I do love this lovely piece of work Rose, it looks so happy and carefree.

  7. Just can't wait to see this all finished. Loving the sunny flowers, kitty, lamb...well you know
    we love it all.
    So jealous of your lilacs, they are just so beautiful


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