Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rich And Warm Pennies...

Punchneedle Pennies

Rich and warm Pennies
in gorgeous Valdani variegated colors... 
 Coffee Roast, Burnt Chocolate,
Cinnamon Swirl and Terracotta Twist.

These colors just make me happy !

A background of Weathered Hay...
the perfect compliment for these deep rich colors.

~ ~ ~ ~

Hosta leaves collecting water

Rain, rain, go away !!
It has been raining for days... seems like weeks !
The only break has been on the weekends.
Yeah, for glorious sun filled weekends. ;)

Loving my giant hostas with their huge leaves.
This one is called "Sum and Substance".

The gardens are enjoying 
the cool temperatures and rain.

Wild Ginger and a large blue leaf Hosta.

Small Lime Green Hosta

White River Birch with peeling bark.  
The bark peels off in sheets,
giving great 'texture' to the garden.

Enjoy your sun filled or rainy day,
wherever you are ;)


  1. Mmmm... we should call that the "Bakery Threads" collection... all packed up and ready for a picnic in the "hay" field! lol! After the rain stops, of course... ;-)

  2. Oh it is lovely and your Hostas are just incredible. I love your colors too. They look like they would be just lovely to work with.
    I am so glad you are enjoying your garden and everything.

  3. new favorite!!! I noticed you mentioned the crazy punch patterns are available through your distributor. Where would I go to find them? I need the crazy quilt & the pennies right NOW!!! Lol

  4. Beautiful Rose
    Love love love those colors.
    Woolie HUGS

  5. Love the colors in the punch needle piece! Just beautiful! I too enjoy Hostas but mine are not looking near as pretty as yours.Blessings,Jen

  6. My river birch trees are giving me a fit right now because the limbs are growing so long. Then I find when trimmed off, eventually the whole limb dies. Wish I'd made a better choice on it's location, but too late.

    I love the look of that Valdani yarn but sadly don't think I'll ever use anything except what I have from DMC since it would require an expensive outlay of money for a variety of colors. So any needlepunch I do in the future will be with what I have. Perhaps that's why I haven't had the incentive to pull out my punch needles, because my selection of yarn isn't so wonderful.


  7. Love your warm pennies. These are great pennies to do now cuz its too hot for wool one. Yuck.

    Love your garden photo's, so beautiful

  8. ooh aah - love those colors.
    Rain, rain come this way:) We could use it - another fire today. At least this one was small and quickly under control.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  9. What a warm and happy design.
    Always enjoy your pictures too. I have a birch that I adore
    And spiderwort too.

  10. The punch needle colors are lovely.
    I enjoyed your garden pics. Lots of rain here, too!

  11. So lovely! I love those colors as well! Pretty blossoms and that tree is pretty. Do you use the peeled bark in any way?

  12. Loving the pennies!

    Your garden is so pretty! We are in our summer weather pattern here with storms rolling in late afternoon / early evening. Too many lightening strikes causing brush fires.


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