Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Week In July...

A week in July
~ ~ ~
Gorgeous sunflowers in a vase.
(Velvety golden petals bordered with 
a sharp green 'crown'.)

My American Cranberry bushes are full of berries 
that are just beginning to blush.
(Ahh, a sign of things to come.)

I'm continuing to work on 'Grandma's House'
punchneedle design.

Cheesecake at it's finest...
(a gift from our #3 daughter)
to celebrate 28 incredible years of marriage !

Morning Glories growing everywhere.
(Really - EVERYWHERE !)

One of my 'summer reads'.
With chapters like...
Go Big or Go Home
Slippery Stones
Boundary Stones and Stolen Hours

The best part ??
There are 48 chapters in this book.
All are each only 2-3 pages long.
At the end of a long day,
that is exactly what I want and like...
a small reading commitment that gets
right to the point !

Have a relaxing Sunday ;)


  1. Hi Rose, new follower today, so nice to visit your site. I will definitely check out your book, looking for a good summer read. Have a blessed day! ~ronda

  2. Happy anniversary! The sunflowers are just perfect. I like books like that too since I can't keep track of story lines!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! That is very pretty cheesecake.
    As are your lovely flowers.
    I always enjoy watching you work and I like what you are currently reading.
    It sounds wonderful. I will be looking for that book.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. When I indulged in such decadence, cheese cake was my FAV!. Also sunflowers are a favorite of mine and one day want to do a pattern with the mighty sunflower as the main star.


  5. Happy Anniversary. The cheesecake looks wonderful.
    I enjoyed all your photos. Such a cheerful sunflower bloom.
    Hope you have a nice week.

  6. Yes! Happy ANnniversary! I've been enjoying the summer sunflowers too! They just have a way of making ya smile! Thanks for the "read"...exactly my type of reading also!

  7. Happy Anniversary! That cheesecake looks as if it's "to die for" ... lol! It's been many a moon since I've had any cheesecake. Gotta remedy that : ) Grandma's House is coming along beautifully!

  8. Most important........HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, and pass that cheesecake

    thank you again for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

    Loving Grandmas house, another beautiful creation

  9. Happy Anniversary.

    lovely photos.


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