Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doodling With Fiber...

I have been doodling with wool roving 
and a felting needle.

I am not very good at all, but I still like to experiment. ;)
It takes practice to get the right shape and form.
To this I've added some hand embroidery,
glass beads and Swarovski crystals.

Little delicate flowers and swirled designs,
make me happy.
Older needle felting project

Wool Roving

Funny, I cannot resist buying wool roving
in gorgeous colors, but I don't really use it much.
As a result, I have way too much roving than I
know what to do with !  
(All displayed in large old glass jars) 

This is a jar I take with me to shows.
I am always amazed at how many people
don't know what natural wool looks like.
As in, "fresh from the sheep".

Beautiful,soft, curly and twisty...
unprocessed wool fiber.

I am thinking this might work wonderfully
with a Santa's beard or an appliqued sheep.

Here in Pennsylvania it is 81 degrees
with cool breezes...perfect.
Enjoy this beautiful day !


  1. Love the look of the natural wool I can totally see it on appliqués sheep.

    Sounds like a lovely day. Hope you get more like it this summer.

  2. I have never worked with wool roving. I have wanted too though. I really like what you have been making with it. I feel the same way about wool. I do have some too, :)
    Your flowers are lovely. I hope you keep having lovely weather too.
    Have a very nice weekend.

  3. Your flower designs are really pretty. I think the natural wool in the jars makes a wonderful display.
    Gorgeous photo of the flowers enjoying the sun.
    Ali xx


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