Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let's Take A Walk...

Slip on your garden clogs...
let's take a walk around the garden...

Sun Sugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
after a rain.

My favorite Zinnia.

Copper salamander and concrete rain catcher,
a 'find' at The Philadelphia Flower Show.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
(Love how the large leaves turn copper in the Fall.)

Pink Zinnias make me very happy ;)

Black Cohosh

Phlox peeking out from beneath a Purple Smoke Tree.

So many simple pleasures...
I'm convinced simple is best.


  1. Love those Zinnias! I might try plating an oak leaf hydrangea this fall... always looking for plants that extend the color closer to winter.

  2. Thanks for the enjoyable morning walk. I just ate a few of our Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. Never saw the yellow offered here.

  3. I love black whoosh. The smell is wonderful. I also have Sun sugars in my garden.
    I would love to see your garden in person, it looks amazing.

  4. Beautiful colors in your garden! Thanks for the tour.

  5. Everything looks luscious. Yum, nothing smells better to me than garden fresh tomatoes on the vine, but better in the belly. My favorite summertime food.


  6. Oh is is so pretty. I love all of the interesting plants you have.
    The black cohosh and the oak leaf hydrangea. Zinnias are always
    wonderful. They just make me happy. I love your tomatoes with rain drops.
    It is just so pretty and green.

  7. I loved clogging around your garden! So beautiful! You have a green thumb!

  8. Don't you just love the bloom of Summer! Such needlework inspiration, thanks for sharing Rose.

  9. A lovely garden and equally beautiful pictures. I love the copper salamander and concrete rain catcher.

    I met a woman visiting our area a couple of weeks ago while attending a baseball game in Miami. She is from Maryland and mentioned attending the Philadelphia flower show. She said it is a huge event and a sighT to behold.

  10. Thanks for the garden tour.
    Hugs :)

  11. Simple is the best.
    Oh I do love those zinnias and red garden shoes.

  12. gorgeous images. Thanks for the garden tour.


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