Thursday, August 14, 2014

Late Summer Days...

The sun is shining brightly,but there is 
a coolness in the air that can't be denied...
just enough to hint at a change in seasons.

A few Gourds drying

Wool Applique with beadwork

Autumn Harvest in Wool Applique

Cheryl from Missouri sent me a picture of 
her Punchneedle finish of "Autumn Harvest".
How beautiful is that ?
So warm and rustic...
Placed on a breadboard and ready 
to 'welcome in' the season. 
Thanks Cheryl for allowing me to share !

Enjoy this beautiful late summer day ;)


  1. Pretty summer/fall pictures. Cheryl did a fantastic job with the needlepunch and choice of cutting board to display it.


  2. I can tell you are getting ready for fall. Your gourds look wonderful.
    I had to pick some pumpkins today.
    I am so glad that fall is coming.
    I can feel that change too.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Autumn Harvest looks fabulous in both punch and applique! Love the gourds drying on the line! And yes... I can feel Autumn in the air too! Love the golden sunshine in the day and cool air at night... perfection! Will you be making more of the pumpkins that you have pictured in your blog header?

  4. Oh this post has me ready for a change in seasons. Sadly, I'll just have to settle for redecorating for fall. No break in the heat here.

    Your photos are lovely.

  5. Love the photos are so inspiring, I want to decorate for fall, but will have to wait till it gets cooler.

    Your Autumn Harvest wool applique is gorgeous with the beading.

    I fun being on your blog, thank you for inspiring me with your beginning punch needle

    blessings to all

  6. beautiful punch needle. I am loving the cool weather and my thoughts have even turned to stitching.

    It's to be hot next week again though....ugggghhh.


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