Friday, August 8, 2014

Perfectly Peachy...

At finally, Peach season is in 'full swing'.
(a little late this summer !)
Is there anything so wonderful as 
Peaches in August ?

It seems everything is coming in 'full swing' now.
Our tomatoes are huge without any of the 
problems we have had in years past.

Tomato salad, Tuna stuffed tomatoes,
Roasted tomatoes over Penne, 
and thick slices of tomato smothered
in melted provolone...yum !

Hens and chicks or Cats and kittens.
Multiplying like crazy.

While hiking, we came across an area where 
these hairy vines were on most of the trees...

close up of vine.

Beautiful twisted tree trunk.
Try to do this at home, and it never works !

Bridges close to the waters edge.
These bridges were everywhere,
along the river.

Shoreline of the Susquehanna River
at dusk.  So quiet and relaxing.

At finally - Friday, sweet Friday !


  1. Nothing says summer like fresh homemade peach ice cream! The tomatoes look wonderful too. We just had a caprese salad with dinner last night.

    You live in a beautiful part of the country, I love the pictures from your hike.

    Happy Friday...enjoy your weekend.

  2. What pretty peaches and tomatoes! That was amazing to see that branch all twisted. Those roots reminded me of when I use trying to can sugar beets. they had roots like that only four sides. I had never seen anything like it until I saw your tree. I won't plant sugar beets again.
    It looks so nice to see that pretty river. I am so glad you are having such a nice summer.

  3. Beautiful photos, Rose. We saw porch furniture yesterday made with twisted pieces of wood like this. The peaches and tomatoes look delicious!

  4. those peaches just make my mouth water with the thought of eating one......mmmmmm! and perfect looking tomatoes too.

  5. Great looking peaches & tomatoes! And what beautiful places you get to see while hiking!

  6. Great pictures. Love that bridge.
    You are making my mouth water. Those peaches look yummy and all your suggestions for tomatoes. Nothing like a tomato fresh off the vine.
    Hugs :)

  7. Now I am hungry! I love peaches.
    I've never heard the hens and chicks called cats/kittens before.
    My grandmother gave me some of hers many years ago, which I still have.
    I keep them in a strawberry pot outside even in the winter.
    They are my favorites.

  8. Would love to go walking with you - such beautiful scenery! He peaches lookd delicious - the tomatoes not so much! LOL

  9. I think those hairy vines are the aerial roots of poison ivy. The summer bounty looks wonderful. My tomato plants got that spotted leaf crap again and they are almost dead. Enjoy yours!

  10. those vines are amazing, never seen any like that, pretty river pic.


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