Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stitching Cobwebs And Spiderwebs...

I love all types of Spiders
and their webs... 

I like to add them to my hand embroidery
and also to my labels on the back
of finished pieces.

A tiny cobweb in the crook 
of a skeleton tree.

This cobweb and spider embellish
the side of a box.

Another type of "Spider Web"...

Spider Web Embroidery Stitch...

Step 1 - Thread a needle with 3 strands
of Embroidery Floss or one strand of 
Perle Cotton.  Knot end.

Step 2 - Stitch a cross stitch.

Step 3 - Add 2 additional 'spokes'.

Step 4 - Bring needle up from bottom of fabric,
close to center of spokes.  Cross over center
of spokes and take needle through fabric
to back, making a tiny stitch,
to secure center of spokes.
This is the center point of your Spider Web.

Step 5 - Bring needle up from bottom of fabric
between 2 spokes, close to center.
You will now begin to 'weave' the web,
only working on the surface of your cloth.

Step 6 - Slide the needle under the spoke prior to 
and under the next spoke.  Pull thread snugly
but gently to surround the first spoke.

Step 7 - Continue in this fashion, 
pressing the 'web' towards center.

Step 8 - Continue around spokes,
only working on the surface.  When the spokes
are full, take needle to back of fabric at the
end of the spoke and knot.

Step 9 - You can add French Knots around 
the Spider Web to embellish...

You can also add 
additional stitches and beads.
This also makes a beautiful Snowflake
when stitched in white floss and embellished
with crystals or glass beads.

~ ~ ~ ~
Enjoy this beautiful August weekend...


  1. I love spider webs on stitcheries too. Thanks for the tute!

  2. THESE kinds of spiders and webs are fun... walking into a real spiderweb at night and not knowing where the spider is?... well... that's a whole 'nuther ballgame... lol!

  3. Love your spider webs. What are you using as the spider? A button?

  4. I love those spider webs and spiders!!!!!!! And one day hope to come back and read that tutorial and put it to use.


  5. Gosh I wish I lived closer, I would love to sit and stitch with you. Your french knots are just amazing. I never can get my french knots to look like that. Then your spiders are so much fun. I like how you added the beading too.
    You do such beautiful work.

  6. I like your spiders LOTS more than the ones at my house! LOL Beautiful stitching Rose!

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  8. They are too sweet:) Love 'em all. I always have at least one in my crazy quilts, but more honestly, it's usually several. And I agree with Farm Girl - a sit and stitch would be a hoot.
    (Sorry had a typo.)

  9. What a neat stitch. I've never seen that one. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  10. Spiders are not my fav, but these are so cute.
    thank you for the sharing a lesson in stitching

  11. Oh my goodness Rose! This is genius. Thank you for sharing and the wonderful ideas on how to use this stitch.

  12. Oh I love these spider webs. A blog friend from Australia always giggles when I decorate our front porch with fake spider webs for Halloween!

  13. so beautiful are your stitches


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