Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Fuzzy, Wooly, Gem...

This is my fuzzy gem of a (very little) purse.
It only measures 5 in. x 4 in.

I love it ! 
It may not be very pretty,
but it is loaded with personality !

For as tiny as it is,
it has lots of compartments.
(a plus)
I bought it at a yard sale for $1.25.
(another plus)

all of the compartments are 'spotless' clean.
(another plus)

This fuzzy, little wooly gem holds a treasure...

What kind of treasure ???
Pendleton labels that have been snipped
from 100 % wool skirts that I have repurposed !
Not your kind of treasure ??

If you love wool and hunt it like I do
at Salvation Army, Goodwill and Thrift stores,
a Pendleton label is a 'sight for sore eyes' !

I use my wooly little bag to hideaway my
Pendleton Label 'collection'.
(Of course, when I want to find the labels,
I haven't a clue where I placed them !)

But, it is fun to 'come upon them' by chance ;)

Enjoy your day...


  1. a beautiful little bag...for 1.25 yes and the label collection is wonderful too.

  2. I love that little purse so much. It is so cute. I also like your labels. Very nice. I love seeing the things you collect.

  3. Oh happy happy day!!
    Love it..
    Woolie Fall Blessings

  4. What a great little treasure! I was a lucky girl last Spring while sorting through mountains of donated fabric to my Quilt Guild flea market. Under some odd pieces was a two yard (60" wide) piece of pristine double-faced Pendelton red plaid wool. Be still my heart. No one else wanted it, can you imagine? I have not used it yet, I am nervous to cut into it! Thanks for sharing your little purse, it is giving me ideas. The lablel's are priceless.

  5. Nice find Rose! If you felt like it, I'm sure you could figure out a way to embellish the sides of your purse, but it IS fun just the way it is. I have a whole drawer of labels I've snipped from recycled wool clothing - I wonder how many of them are Pendleton?

  6. At one time I started collecting those labels too and have no clue where mine are. Guess I needed a fuzzy woolly purse too.


  7. Love the purse and love the labels, woderful work you do!


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