Friday, October 31, 2014

Autumn Newsletter Giveaway...

Happy Halloween,
and thanks to all who entered 
in the Autumn Newsletter Giveaway !
(Wow - 150 entries !)

Congratulations to 
Noreen Hammond who won...
A 'Pumpkin Spice' Punchneedle Pattern,
11 Balls of Valdani Perle Cotton in rich Autumn shades,
Weavers Cloth
and a piece of orange wool for backing the project.

~ ~ ~
Ten Little Pumpkins

Ten little pumpkins, all in a line,
one became a jack o'lantern,
then there were nine.

Nine little pumpkins, peaking through the gate,
an old witch took one,
then there were eight.

Eight little pumpkins, (there never were eleven),
a green goblin took one, 
then there were seven.

Seven little pumpkins, full of jolly tricks,
a white ghost took one,
then there were six.

Six little pumpkins, glad to be alive,
a black cat took one,
then there were five.

Five little pumpkins, by the barn door,
a hoot owl took one,
then there were four.

Four little pumpkins, (as you can plainly see),
one became a pumpkin pie,
then there were three.

Three little pumpkins, feeling very blue,
one rolled far away,
then there were two.

Two little pumpkins, alone in the sun,
one said, "so long",
and then there was one.

One little pumpkin, left all alone,
a little boy chose him and took him home.

Ten little pumpkins, in a patch so green,
made everyone happy on Halloween.
                                           Author Unknown
~ ~ ~

Have a fun Halloween... as for me,
it's all about that stash of candy !


  1. Cute little ditty Rose - I haven't heard that version before! I think I like this pattern because it's fall/autumn - not Halloween - so cute - congrats to Noreen as your lucky winner!

  2. Congrats to your winner! What a wonderful gift to win.
    I love your poem too.
    Have a happy day.

  3. Little brats didn't show up again - more candy that I should not be eating....but already did. Worst time of the year for my rearview.

  4. WOW, Thanks! Can't wait to get the pattern!!! I have never won anything. I sent my address in the email.


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