Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blustery Sunday...

It's a crisp, cold, blustery day here..
no lawn work today.
I have a kettle of Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup
simmering for lunch, to chase away the chill.

A good day to sit with a cup of Chai Spice tea 
and punch away.

I will be finishing up this project today.
(fingers crossed !)

I love watching the Free Range chickens 
at our local produce stand.
I love hearing the little murmurings
they make as they gather around.

Have a cozy Sunday...


  1. Your punch needle is so beautiful. Love the jewel tone colors.
    We had blustery yesterday and today is sunny but chilly. I'm trying to talk myself into some yard work but am so far unsuccessful :)

  2. Love the colors you are using in the punch needle. Interesting pattern too. We have been getting a lot of nasty weather too, but not today. I better take a picture before it changes:)
    Lots of gorgeous color in the leaves this year, inspiring us to use the jewel tones.
    Hugs Marg

  3. I love that punch needle. It is so pretty. You do such nice work, Rose. I love that picture of those free range chickens. Be careful that is how it starts. First thing you know, you just want a couple chicks and then it before you know it, 30 of them are living in the backyard. They love to visit people who stitch. :)

  4. It was blustery here too but I still went to the mountains and enjoyed the rest of the autumn leaves.

    Happy stitching. I actually brought out my stitching basket too.

  5. Loving the colors and design, and Chai Tea. I have a new fav, Autumn Chai made by Beekman 1802.
    Speaking of addictions, those chickens certainly them too


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