Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The PERFECT Autumn Day...

Punch Needle Embroidery using Valdani Perle Cotton #8

It has been a spectacular warm Autumn day.
Maybe, one of the prettiest I have seen in years.

Vibrant falling leaves are in my hoop right now.

I used Valdani variegated perle cotton #8.
This thread literally does the shading work for you.
I punched these leaves on a #2 setting.

One of my 'Wool Hutches'...

These egg cartons hold 18 balls each 
of Valdani Perle Cotton Thread.
Perfect for storage and I love grabbing 
just the color family I need,
when I am looking for a red or a green, etc.

We did a little pumpkin carving last night...

This is GOLD !
It goes from this...

To this - 
These are addictive and so easy to make.
~ ~ ~

Enjoy the sights and smells of Autumn ;)


  1. Your leaves are lovely...your pumpkin perfect...your wool hutch enviable!

  2. Cute pumpkin! I use your egg carton idea for my Valdani as well. It works well for me except I only have the dozen size ( no stores carry the 18) so the larger would be a bit handier. Oh well. I love the leaves I might have to try that pattern when it comes out. Love your wool cabinet...very neat.

  3. Beautiful colors on your leaves! Loved seeing your wool Hutch! So neat and organized!

  4. Your wool hutch is perfect. Just what I am trying to do though I know it won't last...sigh.
    Love the pumpkin...lol.
    One of these days I am going to break down and order some Valdani. It is just so beautiful punched.
    Hugs :)

  5. It is lovely, every thing is, your wool cupboard, and your pumpkin carving and your lovely designs.
    Every thing just looks fun.

  6. So love fall and the leaves and the variegated thread is my fav for this and quilting, so fun.

    Wow to your organization. I ran out of room and hung a shoe organizer inside the closet
    door in my sewing/craft room and put the wool in that. I also use cedar shavings to hang
    in the closet and put in the pockets with the wool.

    Your Pumpkin is a cute guy, liked him a lot.

  7. Great pumpkin carving!! Looking forward to that new leaf pattern. Hoping my new life includes my dream sewing room with a hutch just like yours!!

  8. I love adore that awesome wool hutch.
    Not to mention those cool thread holders.
    Great idea.
    What beautiful colors you chose for your leaves.
    Ok just a wonderful post.
    Woolie Hugs


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