Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My New Best Friend...

My new best friend !
The Flu has ripped through our house
and has not left anyone standing...
(except for my husband, who had a flu shot !)
Lucky him !
Of course, this will be the last time 
I don't get a flu shot.

Random .org has chosen two winners for
the "Lancaster County Star"
Punch Needle pattern giveaway.
From the comment section...
#1 Sheila
#32  Angelia Lariouette

Please use the "contact button" at the top
of my blog, leave your full name
and address and I will promptly ship your pattern !

Back to horizontal position, I go,
under the heating blanket...


  1. Oh no! Rose, I hope you feel much better soon.

    I have gotten a flu shot the last 15 years. THIS year was the first time I actually got the flu. So, there is no guarantee. I've heard that this year's strain is just a tough one.

    Congratulations to your lucky winners!

  2. Oh, I do hope you feel better soon.
    I heard that the flu shot is only about 35% effective (I think that was the statistic I heard) this year so maybe hubby is just lucky.
    Motherly advice...get lots of rest and drink lots of
    Hugs :)

  3. I'm sorry you are sick, please get better real soon.

  4. I had a flu shot and was sick for 3 weeks. My brother didn't get one and hasn't been sick! Rest rest rest! Hope it leaves you quickly.

  5. Oh noooooooo.....heavy sorry to hear. Hope you all are better soon. Don't rush back too soon. Juice & fluids for all. Hope my good news will cheer you up....I bought a house!! I'll email the particulars. Sending positive vibes for recovery!!!!!

  6. Ohh, I do hope you feel better soon. Take care & rest
    Also thank you for the giveaway. I'm sending you my information now.

  7. OH...I hope you feel better soon, Rose! Since I retired this past year...I missed getting the flu shot was a requirement at work...I just I'm hoping to get past all of this flu stuff...take care!

  8. Get better soon, Rose!

    Congrats to Sheila and Angelia!

  9. So sorry the bug has found you. Take care, rest, stay hydrated.

  10. My goodness I pray you feel better soon!
    Not sure if the shot would have been effective from what I've heard they didn't make the strain strong enough or different and many people are getting the flu anyway...feel better soon.
    Congratulations to the 2 winners - beautiful design.

  11. Oh No!! I hope you feel better and all of you get well soon.
    The worst is when Mom gets sick.

  12. Hope by now the dreaded bug has left you in peace! Feel better.


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