Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Makings Of A Tag...

Time to make a name tag !

I am part of a great group of stitchers that meets 
monthly in Lancaster, PA.
(Red Rose Embroidery Guild)
We are suppose to wear name tags and mine
was so old and tattered - and did I mention 'lost'
among stitching supplies ?

I started by gathering my thoughts and supplies.
I found this very neat 'tin' at a quilt show.  
It is from 'Twisted Threads'.  Perfect for my need.

I cut out a piece of cardboard that nicely
fits into my tin.  I also cut out my wool for the 
background of my name tag.

I used pins to mark my stitching area.  
I could have run a basting stitch to mark the area, 
but I was a bit lazy and in a hurry !!
(Also, when using pins, you need to 'turn over' 
the wool piece, or your threads will catch on the pins.)

Valdani variegated Perle Cotton thread 
in #M60, Mountain Hike was used for
this Cast On Blossom stitch.
I love the earthy deep colors.

I love working with wool.
It is soft and 'takes' the embroidery so well.
Another bonus is it is very forgiving,
as it has just a bit of 'stretch'.

I trimmed the wool and wrapped it around the 
cardboard cut out...

I applied glue to the cardboard backing
and pressed it into place in the tin.
Back of tin, where I will use a small strong magnet to hold it in place,  when I wear it.

Just a fun, little, (3in. x 1.5in.), name tag !
~  ~  ~  ~  
If you are local and looking for a group to stitch with,
the 3rd Thursday each month, (except Dec.)
at 7:00 p.m., at 
Grace Baptist Church
1899 Marietta Ave.
Lancaster, PA

We would love to have you join us !
(no tag required to just visit ;)
~  ~  ~  ~

Enjoy your day !


  1. I'm glad you told us the size cuz I would have thought it was much larger just by looking at the pictures. Sure is pretty! I'm sure no one else will have such a cute one. And finally - that flower looks so complicated - I could never make something like that! LOL

  2. Oh I love this Rose!! So gentle and unique!

  3. Very sweet and like Gayle, I thought its was much larger.
    Now how did you make that flower?
    Hugs :)

  4. clever you are!

  5. THat's beautiful, Rose! I love the colors!

  6. You make such nice things. I love your name tag.

  7. Beautiful! That tin is great too. You made me laugh. I mark things with pins also. I just say that getting jabbed with a pin is half the fun of stitching:)

  8. Dear Rose, what a great idea! As always. Wish I was on the other side of the mountains!

  9. I love your name tag it is lovely, where do you get your little tins?


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