Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crushed Walnut Shells...

Crushed Walnut Shells - ThreeSheepStudio.com
 Crushed Walnut shells

Crushed Walnut Shells make a wonderful
'stuffing' for small to medium projects.

Crushed Walnut Shells - ThreeSheepStudio.com

They fill every crevice.
I love the 'feel' of items that are filled
with crushed walnut shells...
the finished project will be firm
and yet squishy and pliable at the same time !

Crushed Walnut Shells - ThreeSheepStudio.com

99.9 % Dust - Free
Clean with no odor...
and I love the fact that they are 
a renewable resource !

When I was a young girl, 
my Grandmother would share how
EVERY part of a peach was used...
From the skin, came jelly.
The fruit was 'canned'.
The stone in the center was for crafting.
The soft white seed, inside the 'stone', 
was used in soap making.

Using Crushed Walnut Shells
makes me think my Grandmother would approve...
of the 'use it up or do without' idea.

In a few days I'll share just what it is that
I 'stuffed' with crushed walnut shells ;)

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What if I fall ?
Oh, but my darling,
what if you fly ?
                                              - e.h.
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Enjoy your day !


  1. I also love the feel and movement. My dad used to carve tiny baskets with handles from peach stones. I wish I knew what happened to them.

  2. What a great memory!
    Do you get it at the pet store? I've heard that is the best place to buy it.
    Hope you are staying warm. It is C-O-L-D here in Ohio.
    Hugs :)

  3. My husband uses crushed walnut shells to clean his spent cartridges as he is a reloader. The shells go in a tumbler and then he puts in the cartridges and the tumble them for about 12 hours and they come out clean, shinny like brand new. He buys it in 6 lbs box and I get to share. Plus if you use alot of the shells for stuffing it is cheaper to buy from a gun supply house.

  4. I'm also wondering if you crush your own, or buy them. They do look very appealing and make me want to craft something with them soon. :-)

  5. I also use the crushed walnut shells. I have three different sizes of them....we use them at my work (before I retired) for cleaning, and I was able to get a very large bag of each size. Depending on the project I also like to add a little dried lavender with the shells.....gives you a yummy smell.

  6. I have never thought of that, but then I don't buy walnuts in the shell anymore either. Great idea.

  7. I always make a muslin liner that I machine sew and then I put it my wool piece that U.S. usually hand stitched. That way no accidental leakage! A girlfriend introduced me to it and I love it!

  8. I love crushed walnut shells too. I love the feeling of them and that they do feel "squishy." I can't wait to see what you made. When you go to the pet store for crickets, :) have you found it there for the bedding for reptiles? I keep meaning to look there and I never have.

  9. I too love the walnut shells - the heft that they give to a small project is so pleasing to me! Looking forward to seeing your new project.

  10. Do you know whether the walnut shell stuffing is good for pins? (ie to use to fill a pincushion....)

  11. Hi Natalia...
    Crushed walnut shells are used to polish and clean certain items, so I see no harm in using them for fill in pincushions. There are also several other fillers you could use, such as sand, emery, sawdust or polyfill.


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