Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Week In Review...

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroka Kubota

How spectacular is this embroidery ??
An amazing cat peeking from a pocket.

Look at those eyes - you can see right into his/her soul !

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroko Kubota

To learn more about this artist and how she
got started embroidering cats,
you can read this write up.

Embroidery By Hiroko Kubota
Hand Embroidery by Hiroko Kubota

This kitty just makes me smile...
Amazing what can be done with a needle and thread !

This was taken from my iPhone
one morning last week !
Alaska ???  No, Pennsylvania.

This has become a huge hit at our house.

My 11 year old son eats this like candy.
I tried it, but it smells a lot like fish food.
(In fact, in a blind test, you can't tell the difference !)
If you can get past that, it's actually good.
(not better than candy...NOTHING is better
than candy !)

Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Embroidery design by Rose Clay at
Sweet Honeycomb Punch Needle Design

Work continues on Sweet Honeycomb...
should be ready for finishing today.
I am thinking I need to get 
velvet ribbon for hanging.

Amazing Bald Eagle live Webcam at Lancasteronline

We have been following the live webcam of the 
Bald Eagles; as have 1.6 million others.
How amazing is this ?  A close up view of 
the activity of two amazing Bald Eagles,
aptly named Liberty and Freedom...
in a massive nest, high in the tree tops.
When do you ever get to see something so neat ?

Amazing Bald Eagle live Webcam at Lancasteronline

She / He, (they take turns), sitting on two precious eggs.
Expected hatch date for the first egg is March 21.
Want to watch along ?
Go to the live cam to watch the Bald Eagles.
(Give it a minute to load.  It is amazing to see !)

Stay warm, safe and make the most of the day...


  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful embroidery artist with us. Love that it is her son who inspired her to create these lovely creations.

    Couldn't view the video on my iPad, don't know if it is the iPad or because I'm out of country?

    Hope your temperatures warm uo soon Rose. Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. the kitty embroidery is amazing I love the expression on the face of the second kitty.

    stay warm, its cold up here in Centre county too.

  3. OMG, the cat embroidery is amazing and realistic. Darn, I'm sure there isn't the organic snack in slower lower Delaware but I'll bet I'd like it. I've eaten raw dried hard fish my Icelandic friends have shared over the years and enjoyed that.

  4. I think I'll pass on the roasted seaweed :)
    That embroidery is amazing. What a talented lady. Thanks for sharing.
    Cool pics of the eagles.
    Hugs :)

  5. I will have to try that, I bet it is wonderful and full of good things my body needs. I think that embroidery is the most beautiful art I have ever seen. I thought it was a painting looking at the thumbnail for your blog. Oh, to have that kind of skill. Work I should say, having the want to to attempt it. :)
    I hope it warms up just a tad there this week. I think it is colder at your house than Alaska.
    Your honey rug is wonderful. I do love bees. I also love the lore behind them too.
    Have a wonderful week Rose.

  6. Beautiful stitching on those kitties! What a talent to be able to "paint" with a needle. I will look for that seaweed. Especially like that they are non GMO. Annie and I will be checking out the eagle cam. Your bee is looking wonderful!

  7. OH MY..I've tried the roasted seaweed on the advice of a friend who loves it and YUCK...I agree with you, it smells like fish food and did NOT taste good. There is DEFINITELY nothing like candy!

    The eagle cam is amazing!

    Wishing you a lovely day, doreen


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