Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design...

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design -
 1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Project

One of my favorite things to do,
when starting a new punch needle design,
is to pull all the potential colors I might need.
Valdani Perle Cotton makes this job so easy !!
There are so many yummy colors to choose from -
where to begin ??

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design -

I will usually pull more shades than I will use - 
but, I cannot make a final decision until the design
begins to take shape and I can see
how the colors work together.

I have been researching Fraktur Designs and was
pleasantly surprised that a large majority
originated right here in Pennsylvania.

Often times Deeds were recorded on the most
gorgeous Fraktur documents.
I wish we still handled our offical paperwork 
in such a beautiful way.

Valdani Perle Cotton Thread -

I am now carrying Valdani Thread Bundles
in my Studio,  for many of my Punch Needle Patterns.
(Thanks to those who asked about them ;)

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Have a creative day...


  1. Those Valdani threads are so beautiful!
    Hugs :)

  2. I do love those colors and I am starting to really like Fraktur designs. That is interesting that they did those designs on the documents. I wondered where it originated from.
    I will get out that punch needle again. I keep thinking I just need to get over my fear. Not being about to do it perfect the first time is something I need to get over.
    I can't wait to see what design you came up with. I bet it will be rich and beautiful.

    1. Jump back in and go for it, I was in 68 when I learned this and rug hooking last year.
      Rose was my on line "go to" when first learning about np. I got her little sheep with all the supplies and even did her signature beaded blanket stitch, I was thrilled it looked like the picture. She has such beautiful needlework.
      I will never get all the patterns done I want from so many great designers.

  3. I would like that design when you are ready to release it and those colors of Valdani are beautiful.

  4. My husband's family has German Marriage documents with the most stunning colored designs on them, such works of art.
    Another beautiful design.

  5. Oh my beautiful,
    I need some pretties too.
    I just starting working from home again but maybe when things calm down we can make that punch needle date,
    Woolie Hugs to you friend

  6. Love all varigated variety! Good to know you are carrying it in your shop now as it's Valdani is my favorite perle cotton!!

  7. Hi Rose - guess I'm almost a month late visiting here!
    This design is going to be wonderful. I will look for it.
    Now I've used the 3 strand Valdani but not the Perle. It punches just as good as the 3 strand? I think it would look even BETTER!

  8. I have some Valdani yarn. Can anyone tell me how many strands to use in my #3ogolichkoy needle?

  9. Hi Rose Marie...
    The Punch Needle Marketplace handles the Olochkoy punchneedle.
    They have wonderful instructions on how to use it and yarn recommendations.
    The yarn recommendations can be found here...

    Hope this helps !


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