Friday, April 10, 2015

Tearing Gorgeous Wool...

Tiny Daffodils in an Antique wood Sugar Mold

Happy Friday to you !  It is a rainy, stormy
day here in Pennsylvania.  Perfect for staying
inside and creating...

This gorgeous, no GORGEOUS, wool arrived 
this week !  See that black wool ??  It is called
"Black Tie" - one side is black with small white design
and the flip side is white with small black design !
'Double the use' and perfect for rug hooking ;)
Available at The Wool Studio.

The Wool Studio sends out a wool swatch mailer
about every 3 months.  If you would like to receive it,
send them $5.00 and you will receive a 'wool mailer'
about 4x's a year.  You will then continue to stay on 
their wool mailer list as long as you place an order
from every other mailer.
(more info is on The Wool Studio website)

Preparing for my next project...  I just love seeing 
all the colorful wool laid out on the cutting table...
or should I say 'tearing' table...  I always make a snip
at the proper measurement and then simply tear
the wool, (vertical with the selvage). 
 It keeps the grain nice and straight.  ;)

Have a lovely creative weekend...


  1. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful flowers......two of my favourite things! Hello Rose, how are you?

  2. I hope too, enjoy your wonderful stormy day inside creating. I love your wool. There is just something so nice about getting your wool all ready for a new project.
    The colors are fantastic.

  3. Must agree Bow Tie was an interesting wool with many uses. Love getting her samples but I've so much wool it is torture when I get it since there's no more room on my shelves. Guess I'll have to hook faster.

  4. Oh my stars...
    Beautiful I'm drooling wool.
    I also love that orange and pink.
    And the flowers..gorgeous!!
    Woolie Higs

  5. love the wool especially the black. great idea to use either side, loving your work :)
    have a great weekend maybe you will see some sun

  6. So much eye candy in this post Rose! Thank you for sharing!


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