Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wool Applique Needlekeepers...

Jacobean Wool Applique Needlekeepers - Pattern from Rose Clay at Three Sheep Studio

Jacobean Wool Applique Needlekeepers...
These colorful flowers are from 
the Red Rose Embroidery Guild's meeting.
We worked on Wool Applique Needlekeepers.

I love seeing how each flower is unique to their "owner".

Any time you gather stitchers together,
you will find 'stitching' essentials...
items that just make the job easier,
or maybe, are just near and dear to the stitcher.

One of the gals was working on a
Contemporary Forest Necklace.
It fits into a brass frame and you can change
the stitchery within the frame.
It is very tiny and the detail is astounding.

My #2 Daughter and her husband live on 
a gorgeous working Amish farmstead.
They are not Amish, however their neighbors are.

She came home from work this week,
to find one of the four Amish boys,
fast asleep, in the sun, in front of her doorway !
This is just too, too cute for words.  Priceless.

(My Daughter had permission to take this photo.
The Amish family often asks 
my Daughter and her Husband to 
take pictures of their four boys 
and family events.)

Enjoy your day...


  1. Rose, I love that you shared the same design in so many different colours. At first glance they seemed to be different flowers but when I looked closer I realized I was in error.

    I also liked your buttonhole beaded edge, I will have to try that stitch sometime soon. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  2. Wonderful detailed work and colors. Wish my fingers could enjoy doing that these days.

    The Amish child, oh my but now that I know the world as it is today wouldn't it be wonderful to go back to the comfort of the simple life? It was even different in my growing years.

  3. Loved seeing all the different versions of that needlekeeper - each one is great! I have some of those brass frames and have never used a single one of them - I should pull them out and fill them up - although I'm definitely not up to all that fancy stitching! Looks like a great group of gals

  4. The needle keeps are just so wonderful with all the different designs.
    What a cute picture of the little boy asleep!

  5. I do love making things like that, it does make me when I am sewing to open my needle books and there are my needles.
    I love that picture. What a neat place to live.


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