Friday, May 29, 2015

1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Pattern...

 1787 Fraktur Punch Needle Design

Valdani Perle Cotton was the perfect choice 
for the historic colors used in this piece.
Rich, hand dyed colors of variegated thread...
Rusted Orange, Weathered Hay,
Tealish Blue, Coffee Roast,
Watery Weed, Old Brick
and several others.

This has been a very fun piece to work on
and even more interesting to research.
Everything from color to the smallest detail...
I am definitely 'hooked' and working 
on other Fraktur designs.
I love their detail...
sometimes they are so simple 
and others are complex - either way,
they have a certain charm !

How To Keep The Details Of A Punch Needle Design "Crisp and Clear" -

When you punch a design and then turn over 
your hoop or frame, this is what you see...
lines and edges that have "blurred".

How To Keep The Details Of A Punch Needle Design "Crisp and Clear" -

As you punch the various areas, 
use your needle tip to nudge any stray loops 
into place (on front). This will keep the details 
crisp and neat in your design.

How To Keep The Details Of A Punch Needle Design "Crisp and Clear" -

When punching numbers or letters,
be careful to keep your punches very close
together, as this will help to form 
clear numbers or letters.

After completing project, with needle tip, 
nudge any stray loops into place (on front), if needed.

The 1787 Fraktur design
is available in my Studio.
Design measures 6.25 in. x 8.25 in.

Have a lovely Friday...


  1. What a beautiful piece. The colors you chose are perfect for this time period. Your talent always amazes me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another great design. Your work is beautiful and as always the perfect colors.

  3. Thank you for those tips. I am getting ready to put my fear aside. I have been reading and reading, over and over.
    I love this design, I am so glad it is in your store now.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. Rose, you do such beautiful work it is hard to imagine mine could ever look that good even if I were to use Valdani. When I decide to try my hand at needle punch again I will remember the tutorial you so generously shared.

  5. Oh Rose, this is SPECTACULAR! It reminds me of the precious days I'd spend with my mother who taught me the joys of simple sewing projects, then graduating up to much more difficult crafts such as TATTING, crewel and other peaceful activities! I made something like this way back when I lived in Boston, going to school; it seemed these sort of art projects counter-balanced the stress!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my blog post. It's great to be back. Enjoy your summer! Anita

  6. Just beautiful and your helpful directions are a great idea. I just love Fraktur too.
    Hope to see more

  7. Hi Rose, :) As always, your work is simply exquisite! I love your beautiful birdie design, and the colors you used are so perfect. Every time I pop in for a visit, I have to stop myself from drooling!
    xo Paulette

  8. Hello Rose.......your Fraktur piece is amazing!!!!!! Thank you for the great directions!!!! I need to order this. Tina

  9. Such a beautiful design! What size pearl cotton do you prefer?


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