Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wooly Caterpillars And Wool Applique...

Wooly Caterpillar -

August is quietly slipping away...
as September makes her 
much awaited arrival.
The trees in our back lawn
are slowly starting 
to drop the occasional leaf...
you will miss it
if you aren't watching.

My husband is a road cyclist.
(as in bicycle)
He rides 80-100 miles a week.
The last few weeks, he has been
telling me the sun is different.
The smells are more pungent and
there are grasshoppers everywhere.
The farmers are beginning to take down crops.
Wooly caterpillars are beginning to cross
the roads.  There is a folk tale
that predicts the severity of the winter
by whether the wooly is black with a copper stripe
or copper with a black stripe.
(I don't care what they predict,
I just love to see their arrival !)

Wool and Perle Cotton -

The wool is out with threads to match.

Valdani Perle Cotton -
 Eye Candy !

Valdani Perle Cotton Thread and 
various sewing needfuls
are arriving every few days.
I am 'over the moon' when a new package 
awaits on my porch stoop !

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

I've been working on some wool applique
in yummy pumpkin and golden shades.
I have a little twist to add to this applique...
check back this week to see !

Spending the afternoon 
in my 'nest' of sewing...


  1. We used to have those kinds of caterpillars when I was a kid. It always filled me with joy, but also sadness because it meant school was starting soon.
    How nice your husband is noticing the difference. I have noticed the way the sun has changed and the light is becoming more golden with each passing day.
    I would be pretty excited if all that thread was arriving at my door too, What lovely shades. I will of course be back. I love your designs. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. A woolly caterpillar is not something I ever see in Florida but I love the folk tale.

    The wool and threads look so Fall and quite promising. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  3. That Valdani is making me drool!!!
    I notice big changes in the weather. It is now dark when I walk Ellie before work and dark when I walk her at night. I HATE it!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. I love your pumpkin/golden leaves. Can't wait to see what the "little twist" will be! I think everyone is ready for Fall after such an unusually warm Summer. Here in the Portland, Oregon area we had one of the warmest summers on record!

    I know what you mean about being excited about inventory arriving . . . some (many!) years ago I had a gift shop on the central coast of California and I just loved it when the UPS truck would pull up with my deliveries! I always ordered things I personally loved, which made it even more fun. (There's probably a business model somewhere that recommends NOT doing that!) :-)

    Can't wait to see what else you create. . . . enjoy your new threads and the yummy fall colors!
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Lake Oswego, OR

  5. Mmmm.... love the colors in the pic with thread and wool! :-) I've enjoyed Summer immensely, but I still looking forward to fall! Love the the cooler air and yes, the sunlight is changing... adding a golden hue to everything! It's pumpkin season! :-)

  6. Oh I do live stash & since I don't gave a local shop anymore, I'm always stalking the mail lady!!! Happy Fall!!! I had hoped to make the Porchwalk this year, but too many wedding expenses!!! Next year it's my turn!


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