Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wool Strawberries...Porchwalk...Giveaway Winner...

Wool Strawberries by Rose Clay at

I have been making a patch full of 
wool strawberries (and pumpkins !)

The loose strings will be used to attach the 
tiny strawberries.

Wool Strawberries by Rose Clay at

I am in love with the baby blue, red and yellow
plaid wool.  A gift of 'very' vintage wool from a friend !
I'd love to see it reproduced again.

Wool Strawberries by Rose Clay at

I'm preparing for the 2015 Artisans' Porchwalk
in Lititz, PA
Friday, October 2, 10-5 p.m.
Saturday, October 3, 10-4 p.m.

The Porchwalk is a fabulous show where
you walk from porch to porch in historic Lititz,
viewing the handwork of juried artists and craftsmen.

There are over 36 amazing artisans to visit
and Lititz has incredible eateries, 
all within walking distance of the porches.
Come out and plan to spend the day !
(and do introduce yourself if you stop by my porch !)

I will be giving Punch Needle demonstrations
on both days.

~  ~  ~  ~

'Indian Summer' mixed media Punch Needle design by Rose Clay at

The Winner of the 
"Indian Summer" Mixed Media Punch Needle Pattern is...
Janice C., with her favorite Autumn food being
'Taffy Apple Salad'.
(Please contact me with your mailing address Janice
and I will send out your pattern !)

Some of your favorite Autumn food offerings...
Hot Spiced Cider...Gingerbread...Apple Butter...
Apple Dumplings...Sweet Potato Fries...
Apple Crisp...Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese...
Pumpkin Bread Pudding...Chili

And, I learned something new !
Evidently, I had no idea, DQ makes a killer
Pumpkin Pie Blizzard !  I'll be there this weekend ;)
Amazing what you can learn from the 'comment' section !

Enjoy the day...


  1. Wishing you mega sales and since you do awesome work I'm sure you will do well. Love your strawberries.

  2. I just love that wool too. Congrats on your winner. You know I would love to jump on an airplane and come visit. I will have to put it on a list of things to do. I think it would be so much fun to check out all of those porches. Lovely work Rose.

  3. Your strawberries will sell out fast - they are SO sweet!

  4. Those pretty wool strawberries look as yummy as all the Fall food suggestions sound! Congrats to Janice on the win. I'm trying to figure out if I could talk the DH into traveling to the PWalk. It sounds like a great event!

  5. The porchwalk sounds like so much fun! May you have a great day.
    Fun strawberries.
    Hugs :)

  6. Congratulations Janice ~ (I must confess, I'd never heard of Taffy Apple Salad before!) Rose, your strawberries are absolutely lovely. Have a wonderful time at Porchwalk; it sounds like a lovely weekend. This time of year there are so many wonderful events; I wish I wasn't so far away (in Oregon).


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