Monday, October 26, 2015

Crows - Ravens - Blackbirds...

Punch Needle Crow Charm Cushion by Rose Clay at
Punch Needle Embroidery using Valdani Variegated Perle

Crows ~ Ravens ~ Blackbirds
Honeycomb Wool in the most luscious shade...
smokey black glass beads...
and a fingernail moon.

Halloween is almost here.
We love Halloween at our house ! 
(It's my Husband's birthday.) 

Punch Needle Crow Charm Cushion by Rose Clay at

The lovely honeycomb wool came from
The Wool Studio.

Punch Needle Crow Charm Cushion by Rose Clay at

The crow has been punched using
Valdani #M91 'Black Night',
giving it an iridescent shade of black,
much like a crow in the wild -
when the sun hits a crow's feathers,
you can see specks of blue and purple 
throughout the feathers.

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

It's always fun to find wool to repurpose.
This crow sits on a background of old skirts
that have been repurposed.

~  ~  ~  ~
Wool Applique...

Paisley Wool Applique Kits -

I have a few Paisley wool applique kits remaining
in my Studio.  Everything you need to piece together
a 12 x 12 in. block.  (you provide the thread)

~  ~  ~  ~

Onto the Crows - Ravens - Blackbirds...
A 'Murder' Of Crows

If you live anywhere near Lancaster, PA...
it is no secret we have a lot of crows to deal with...
families and families of crows.

Thousands of crows migrate to Lancaster and
surrounding communities, each winter.

Lancaster is having a "Something To Crow About"
event in January / February 2016.
You may submit original artwork 
with a crow, raven or blackbird as part of the theme -
to be displayed in the 
'Community Crow Invitational Art Show'.
Guidelines can be found at "Something To Crow About".

Local eateries and businesses are getting in on 
this event...
Sandwiches, drinks, etc. all named for this 
curious, (and intelligent), bird !

Enjoy these last few days of Autumn...


  1. wonderful work, don't they call a flock of crows a murder? lol love Halloween

  2. Happy, happy birthday to dear hubby!
    Hugs :)

  3. I hope you have a lovely day with your husband on his birthday. We have two crows that nest in the top of my SIL's old, old pecan tree every winter. They were complaining and scolding yesterday.
    I sit in my chair and listen to them.
    I love your patterns they are lovely. I hope you have a lovely week.

  4. We have pacific crows year is interesting to see them at dusk heading to their nesting areas and then at dawn leaving them. Rather like Hitchcock's movie The Birds.

    Your pieces are lovely.

    Happy birthday to your warlock on Halloween!

  5. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! We have a niece who was born on Halloween, too. Love your crows. The beads on the edge are the perfect finish!


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