Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Folksy Flower...

Punch Needle - Folksy Flower by Rose Clay at

This Folksy Flower Charm Cushion
was punched using
Valdani Variegated Perle Cotton Thread
on Maple Cream Weavers Cloth.
Don't you just love all the different shades of green
in the leaves ?  All from one ball of variegated Perle Cotton.
Valdani #M19 - Olives

Punch Needle - Folksy Flower by Rose Clay at
Scalloped Blanket Stitch and French Knots

A few embroidery stitches added...
I 'squared up' the Weavers Cloth and 
Blanket Stitched it onto a hand dyed houndstooth wool.

Punch Needle - Folksy Flower by Rose Clay at

Every time I use Valdani Thread,
I smile.  How can you not love all the gorgeous
shading that just "shows up" when you punch ??
Their variegated thread line does the shading work for you !
It couldn't be easier.

~ ~ ~ ~

While choosing pumpkins at a nearby farm,
we were being watched.  Her name is Rosie.
Isn't she beautiful ?  She is enjoying Autumn, too !
~ ~ ~ ~
Many thanks to all of the wonderful people who
showed up for the Artisans' Porchwalk, this past weekend !
Yes, it poured rain and it was c.o.l.d.
But, somehow we got through the weekend.
The shoppers who braved the weather
were serious shoppers on a mission
and knew just what they wanted ;)

The plus side to the weekend...
The owners of the homes with the porches,
provide meals, snacks and drinks to 
the vendors, all throughout the day.
Our host is THE most amazing cook.
We were pampered and well fed.

Enjoy your day Friends...


  1. Oh rose, that flower is waay too cute!! and I love rosie the horse [don't you love it when such a lovely animal has our name?? Rose and Julierose??;--)) ]. hugs, Julierose

  2. Lovely Rose. Was wondering what the stitch is you used to attach to wool. It does not look like buttonhole (to me) and I would love to use it on a project. Thanks.

  3. I wondered about the rain. It sounds like you had a great time. I love your pillow, I love the handwork on it too. Always a plus/

  4. What a beautiful piece! The scalloped blanket stitch is such a delicate and pretty stitch. Happy to hear the porch walk was a success! :-)

  5. I'm so glad my visit to Lititz included seeing you on the porchwalk. It's always a treat to see you and chat Rose. Wish we had more time. Your tables are always overflowing with wonderful items. Thanks for making my friends and I feel so welcome.

  6. I love this design rose and your colors are perfect. Love the way you stitched to the wool background.

  7. Your stitching is perfection!
    What a fun pic of Rosie.
    Glad a miserable weekend turned out so well for you.
    Hugs :)


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