Friday, December 25, 2015

A Christmas That Changed My Life...

When I was 12 years old, 
all I wanted for Christmas was a sewing machine.  
Everyone I came into contact with,
knew that was the one and only thing I wanted for Christmas.

As Christmas approached, each day, more packages 
were being placed under the tree.  Soon, I spied one
that was just the right size to be a sewing machine.

I could not contain my excitement.  At finally,
I would be getting the one and only thing I longed for.

Christmas morning could not come fast enough. 
I was up at the 'crack of dawn', sitting by the tree
waiting for my family to awake.
Dreaming of fabric, threads and trips
to the local fabric store.

As I slowly and carefully opened my large present,
the tears began to roll down my cheeks...

there was no sewing machine, 
but instead, a stereo system.  
My parents thought I was crying for joy.
When the packages were all opened,
I quickly retreated to my room.

Later that morning, we left for my Grandma's house,
to open gifts and enjoy a family meal.

My Grandma's house was where I found
my beloved sewing machine.

Little did I know, that sewing machine 
was going to change my life.
It placed me on a 'life long path' 
of a love for textiles.

I never told my parents that my tears 
were of extreme disappointment.
I simply let them believe that I was 
overjoyed at receiving a stereo system.

But, I did thank my Grandma for giving me
my 'hearts desire' and years later
she saw the fruit of that single gift
of a sewing machine.

** This same sewing machine remains the ONLY
sewing machine I have ever had and still use to
this day. **

Wishing friends and family
a peaceful Christmas !
(and maybe, just maybe, your 'heart's desire', too)


  1. What a great Christmas memory--hope your tears are only of joy...hugs, Julierose

  2. Merry Christmas Rose!! I loved this story. I love that sewing machine. I am so glad your Grandma knew you well enough to get the desire of your heart. You know, when I was 12 I got a stereo too. I kind of felt the same way. Why on earth did I need that???
    I think what is so cool is that is what you still use. Yep, me and my Singer Featherweight, will never be parted. Yours is a lovely machine too. Have a delightful day.

  3. Such a sweet heartwarming story. Merry Christmas and you left me with another gift of joy for this season.

  4. Such a lovely remembrance of a Christmas past, thank you for sharing. So glad your Grandmother came to the rescue, music is great but sewing rules! I love your machine, I have a friend who is selling one that looks so very like yours, I shall have to inspect it closer! I love old Kenmores, they were made so well back in the day. I made many things on my Mom's Kenmore, then a Singer when she *upgraded* in the 1970s! Merry Christmas! Ann in NC

  5. What a happy ending. You are truly a sweetheart never letting your parents know how disappointed you were. How cool that you still use it! I bet it weighs a ton. The newer ones are so light weight.
    I hope you once again had the Christmas of your dreams.
    Christmas hugs :)

  6. Such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it. Merry Christmas to you. ...jan

  7. What a touching story. I understand that early childhood passion that translates into adult direction. I am so glad that you share, Merry Christmas!

  8. What a beautiful story my grandmothers were both seamstress and I learned to sew at 8 when grammar passed they gave me her Kenmore not as old as yours i have had 3 new sewing machines since then they sit and I still use my Kenmore hoping u had a wonderful Der full Merry Christmas

  9. Beautiful story Rose...just wonderful! Regret letting my sturdy Kenmore go years ago. You can't find metal machines anymore...they are all plastic!

  10. We gotta love those Grammies. Mine "financed" my first one after years of sewing with her. She bought it and then whenever I babysat I had to give her $1.00 of my money til it was paid for! I was so proud the day it was all mine. She taught me a valuable lesson too. I still have it to this day. An old metal Kenmore! I also have her singer treadle with its instruction books and all the accessories. I have the quilt we made on it too. I love nostalgia.

  11. Hurray for Grandma! And well done that you've kept it all these years. It's also a very pretty machine, in spite of the color :-)

    I hate to think how many youngsters are being put off sewing by the nasty cheap plastic machines in big box stores now, and thinking that it's their fault the machine doesn't hold tension or balks at heavy seams. And then there's those realllly bad chain stitch toy machines that are inflicted on the really young kids :-(


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