Saturday, January 30, 2016

Punch Needle And Cross Stitch...

Punch Needle from

I've been working on patterns 
with a nature theme...
leaves, rabbits, flowers
and even some unusual 'suspects'.

Punch Needle from
Punch Needle Design using Valdani Perle Cotton

My 12 year old son actually designed
the above pattern for me to punch.
More on this design, soon to come...

~  ~  ~  ~

'His eye is on the Sparrow' cross stitch design from Heartstring Samplery

Recently, Kim, from My Field Of Dreams,
wrote about starting this beautiful pattern,
and working on it just a little each day.

I recently had the opportunity to see 
this design in all of it's glory.
A member from my Embroidery Guild 
was working on this design at one of our meetings.
It is really huge...approximately 31in. x 26in.
(stitch count 435 x 363) 
I was completely smitten.  It is beyond beautiful.
She said she worked on this piece 
mostly during her lunch breaks.

'His eye is on the Sparrow' cross stitch design from Heartstring Samplery

'His eye is on the Sparrow' is a beautiful design  
from Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.  
Her designs can be found HERE.

So, when Kim wrote about starting this design,
I thought...
 I know , or at least I think...
certainly, I have 30 minutes each day
that I can work on this project.

I just received my pattern.
Time to get linen and floss.

Hope you're finding some time 
to be creative this weekend...


  1. I have been going to tell you that I did manage to work on it every day this week. I set my goal low for ten minutes a day, but like today it was three hours. I felt pretty happy about that. It is lovely to work on. I am just on the top border. I think this will be fun to do with you.
    I love the new design your son made for you. I think the colors are lovely. It looks like you are having fun making it. I would love to see anything you make in person. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. wonderful sampler♥ happy stitching, Rose! can't wait to see your finished work:)

  3. What a fun project your son designed. I love the spiral!
    That cross stitch sampler is breathtaking. Every time I see it I am tempted...but I must resist ~ at least for now.
    Happy Sunday ~
    Hugs :)

  4. I'm loving the piece your son designed!! So cool to see his interest. Are the proceeds going to the designer?? Lol. I guess that makes you his model puncher!! I too have this epic chart with fabric & floss waiting for me. Not sure when I will start, but think it will be this year. Question...will you stitch this in hand or hoop or scroll frame on floor stand? That is my delima at present. Looking forward to the reveal of your son's design!

  5. Talent runs in the family I see. Am looking forward to the finish.


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