Monday, February 8, 2016

His eye is on the Sparrow...

Threads have been bought...
(are they not gorgeous ?  Beth Twist chose 
beautiful 'old world colors' for this design)

'His eye is on the Sprarrow' Cross Stitch

 Cross Stitch design from
Beth Twist at Heartstring Samplery.

My work project basket...
a place to contain my scissors, needles
and 'what nots'.

28 count Linen, mocha stained

I will be showing you my progress
as I work on this large cross stitch piece.
Hoping, fingers crossed, maybe
to have it finished in a year ??

My goal was to stitch 30 min. most days.
It is so relaxing and enjoyable to work on...
something for ME !
I have been clocking an hour or two almost
every day...  I just cannot put it down !

~  ~  ~  ~
Happy are they who 
take life day by day,
complain very little 
and are thankful for the little things in life.
                           ~ Unknown
~  ~  ~  ~

Enjoy your day...


  1. I love seeing your progress. I feel the same way. Just working on it for me has been so freeing and peaceful. I listen to a book on tape, (North and South by Elisabeth Gaskill) and I feel like I am on a retreat. I do love seeing all of your wonderful colors all together in your sewing basket. It is so nice seeing your work.

  2. It is an amazing piece!! I've seen the progress of several stitching this. Some stitch the entire border first...others stitch one page at a time...others work across from side to side. Might be weird, but I love to see the huge variety among stitchers in methods, supplies, etc. I started my love of needle & thread in 1963 when I stitched a shoe shine cloth on burlap with lime green yarn for my dad in Vacation Bible School. We stitched a couple flowers on the front & then stitched a piece of muslin on the back. Very primitive..nothing hemmed & probably scratched the heck out of his shoes!!! Oh funny. Thanks for going down memory lane with me!!!

  3. Enjoy your project, it looks amazing. I came across an old WIP that I started pre 2000! I'm off a stitch or two but am thinking I'll try to make it work.

  4. Rose,
    That is going to be breathtaking. I hope you and Kim will inspire each other to keep on stitchin'.
    Hugs :)

  5. that is just beautiful! The colors are amazing.

  6. Mmmm... Love the thread colors and linen! Your first stitches are looking beautiful!

  7. Those threads are beautiful. Your work is amazing, makes me want to attempt cross stitch once again. By the way Rose thank you for the info on your patterns. I finally located mine. Thanks again.

  8. I've seen this piece on other blogs and was in awe.
    Wow, what a challenge your threads are beautiful.
    Glad you will be sharing your progress.

  9. I've seen this piece on other blogs and was in awe.
    Wow, what a challenge your threads are beautiful.
    Glad you will be sharing your progress.

  10. Beth designs the most wonderful pieces! I'm sure yours will be lovely.... I am always inspired by your handwork.
    I haven't cross-stitched in years, probably more than 20. I'm not sure my eyes would let me work so small, but this is tempting. :)


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