Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm In The Garden...

Do you see the Cicada shell hanging on the sign ?

I've been putzing in my garden...
what ? putzing isn't a word ?

It is here at our house...
putzing - slowly walking through 
the garden - pruning, picking and pulling.
Passing the time, admiring plants and blooms
and making a mental note of new greenery 
to plant and what plants need moved.
There is nothing fast about it...

Follow me...
around the garden...

My Oakleaf Hydrangea...
the leaves have yet to turn color,
but the flower heads are beautiful...
dried to perfection. Very natural looking.

Gorgeous magenta Cleome in the morning sun.

The birds have flown from this house,
but they will be back next year.

I grow Bronze Fennel for the color and 
beauty of the feathery branches...
but I'm not the only one who likes it.

You can always find
several Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillars
enjoying a meal on it's branches.

This has been an amazing year for Cicada.
Their sound is deafening, 
(but enchanting), in the evening.
There are dozens of discarded shells
all around the gardens, birdhouses and walls.

As a kid, we called these "locust" and would take 
the empty shells and attach them to our shirts,
seeing who could collect the most.
(I think I was in my 40's before I realized
they are not called locust !!)

This Morning Glory has taken over a rose bush.

Already, the leaves are beginning to fall.
We keep a small woodpile for our fire ring.
I'm loving all the different textures and colors,
all trimmings from trees through the past year.

The Harry Lauder's Walking Stick
is beginning to show it's bones !

Thanks for joining me on this September walk.
Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend.


  1. I enjoyed the walk with you. That Harry Lauder's Walking Stick has always intrigued me with it's intricate twists.

  2. So lovely, thank fir the walk.
    I've begin getting my fall decorations out. Cant wait for my pumpkins ti be ready.
    I brought big snowball heads back from daughters house last month. they are the perfect beige color now and go nicelyxwitg turkey feathers grandson gave me.

  3. What a lovely peek at your garden. Some greate inspirations for your designs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your garden looks lovely, Rose! I need to get out an pull a few weeds, but I'm always finding an excuse not too!!

  5. I had to laugh, we use putzing at our house too! I love all your pictures. Hugs,

  6. I love your garden such, I love them all.
    It is so pretty.

  7. Putzing is definitely a word and I am a master at it!
    Even as a kid (a LONG time ago), I'm not sure I could have attached cicada shells to!
    The garden looks wonderful. Mine, unfortunately, has been neglected this summer between the heat and trying to get ready for Saturday's show.
    Happy Labor Day :)


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