Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wool Pennies And Skeleton Keys...

Sweet September 
I've been waiting for you !

Time to bring out the woolens...

piles of wool snippets, as wool pennies are cut...
for a simple way to cut wool pennies.)

Background wools are chosen...
Candy Apple Red Stripe
Luscious Persimmon Orange Stripe
Dusky Purple and Eggplant Plaid

I'm using mostly textures from my stash.
I used a half dollar and a dime for the penny size...

These skeleton keys are about 8 inches long
and are heavy cast iron...
when I purchased them 
(I bought every single one the shop owner had !), 
I wasn't sure what I planned on doing with them - 
But, they were calling my name...

~ Wool Penny Rugs and Skeleton Keys ~

~  ~  ~  ~
Life starts all over again
when it gets crisp in the Fall.
                                             - F. Scott Fitzgerald
~  ~  ~  ~

Embrace this beautiful September day...


  1. As I'm having my morning coffee I am looking at your penny and key creation. So cute. Really nice of you to tell us how you made it. I love them. Happy September Rose.

  2. what a great idea with the keys! love the quote I am looking forward to crisp weather we have been much to hot for us.

  3. What a good idea ! Il love it...

  4. WOW!!!!! An eye catcher for sure. Love them and would be hard pressed to pick just one.

  5. So love all your work and the keys. 💗🙌

  6. That is awesome!!! I have such a weakness for skeleton keys too. So glad its finally September!!!
    It will be so nice to hold wool again!

  7. Oh, I LOVE your idea! I want to get started with wool, want to do a small project and this is totally do-able! Awesome! What a great idea! I'm with you on September, I've been looking forward to turning the calendar over... I decided that today is Celebrate September Day! Again, love the project.

  8. Great idea! Your are so creative and innovative!

  9. Yummy colors, Rose...absolutely yummy! Love the keys.

  10. How awesome ! I have been so intrigued with keys ever since I started noticing them stitched on many early American samplers. Yours are so cool and what a special way to display them !

  11. what a great combination! The colors in your little penny rugs are so pretty and rich looking - I love the whole thing!

  12. Those are some tiny pennies. I just LOVE the finish. You are so talented.
    Happy September (though I'm not too happy it's here) :)

  13. absolutely gorgeous, those keys are beautiful and a great way to show off the beautiful wool pennies. Will you be selling them?


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