Thursday, November 10, 2016

An 'Angel of Peace'...

'Angel of Peace' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

~ Angel of Peace ~
We could all use a little peace...

'Angel of Peace' Punch Needle Design by Rose Clay at

Gorgeous Valdani variegated Perle Cotton 
was used to give richness, depth 
and lots of movement to this Angel.

'Angel of Peace' punch needle design by Rose Clay at

'Angel of Peace' punch needle pattern is
now in my Studio.
Perfect for the upcoming holidays.

~  ~  ~

Cafe One Eight in Lancaster, PA

This week, I visited Cafe One Eight,
in Lancaster, PA.
My lunch was a "Red Salad".
Beets, fresh baby greens, pine nuts, edamame,
goat cheese with balsamic dressing.
Oh my word...DELISH !!

~  ~  ~

Sunsugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

November 10th...

Sunsugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

these are my tomatoes today...
Every night I cover them up with quilts.
It takes about 30 seconds to cover them...
pathetic isn't it ??  
What I am willing to do for 
"fresh from the vine" tomatoes...

Sunsugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

they are doing so well,
they are actually blooming !

Sunsugar Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

In the end,
only three things matter:
how much you loved,
how gently you lived
and how gracefully you let go
of the things not meant for you.
                           ~ found on Pinterest

Have a wonderful end of the week !


  1. What a glorious design!

  2. Oh my just beautiful.
    I totally agree, I pray
    for peace.

  3. That salad looks positively scrumptious. I just baked 3 beets this past week then pickled them. MMMMMM good.
    You're 'Angel of Peace' is beautiful. Looks bigger than 8 1/2" x 6", but a Great size for the Holidays.

    God Blessed America & Peace for ALL,


  4. Angel of Peace is stunning.
    Yeah for your tomatoes. We have not had a frost yet, either. Maybe tonight...sigh. I just noticed my neighbor's geraniums are still blooming.
    Hugs :)


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