Monday, November 21, 2016

Lets Talk Punch Needles...

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

THE Punch Needle

30 + years ago, 
I purchased this "punch needle"...
it literally is called 'The Punch Needle' !

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

What in the world were they thinking ???

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

One solid piece of metal...end to end...
no adjustments of any kind.
Is that even a REAL needle ????

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

But, it did punch wonderfully.
(Or at least, I thought.)

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

My next purchase was a set of three needles,
made from stainless steel and brass.
(See those colored plastic tubes ?
Those tubes had to be cut to adjust
your loop height.)

I can honestly say, that if this punch needle set 
was all I had to use, I wouldn't be punching today !

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

These Russian Punch Needles
were small and cramped your hands when
used for large projects.
(And 15 years ago, they cost over 40.00 
for a set !)

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

Small needles and one or two threads of floss,
made for some very fine work.

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

Then came the Ultra Punch...
a punchers dream for ease of use.
(Formerly called the Cameo Punchneedle)

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

Easy to thread, easy to change needles, 
easy to set the loop height...
Perfectly user friendly !

Lets Talk Punch Needles -

My Punch Needles...
there are many others on the market,
but these are the ones I ended up with !

Would love to hear what kind of Punch Needle you use...
do you have a favorite ?

~  ~  ~

Tomato Plant Update:

Here in Pennsylvania,
it has been frosty cold with blustery winds...
the kind of wind that keeps you up at night !
A little sleet and a few flurries Saturday night.

We were able to pick a few handfuls of tomatoes
before the season ended.  
Vine ripe tomatoes up to mid November -
I'm happy with that !

Stay warm my friends...


  1. I have your first needle and your last needle the blue one. I still am horrid at it not sure what I am doing wrong but when I have time I will try again.

  2. I have only learned this 3 years ago but remember seeing punch needle booth at the state fair years ago.

    I'm glad I started with a Cameo.

    Wishing you happy Thanksgiving.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Hi Rose, nothing like Pa. weather, right? On this side of the mountains we had four seasons within a 8 hour period! I wanted to finish up the herb harvest, it was 52 degrees. I answered a phone call, 10 minutes, gathered my basket etc. went back outside and it was snowing! No tomatoes though. I have the Russian punch needle, somewhere, never could get the hang of it. I bought a Cameo at a quilt show recently and plan to work with it soon after the holidays. You inspire me. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. I have one needle punch safely tucked away, but I think it is similar to the last one and as I recall it has notches to set the depth of the loop you punch, I need to find it as I have a could of kits I'd like to tackle again. Thanks for the review of the ones you have, have a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family,

  5. The only needle I've used is the Cameo and I'm happy with it.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I like seeing the different punch needles you have. I first learned on that little tiny green one. I have three Cameo punch needles. I think I have broke all of them. I don't know what I do but I turn my wrist somehow. It reminds me when I used to milk cows, they didn't like the way I milked them either. So I just put it aside. I need to try it again. :) I love the way yours is always so pretty. Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. I am kind of cheap I have a clover punch needle, only because I am not too good at it yet, maybe someday I will buy a good set.


  8. Fried green tomatoes. (sigh) Fried green tomato BLT! (double sigh)


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