Monday, November 14, 2016

'Tulip and Philphlot'...

'Tulip and Philphlot' wool applique and punch needle by Rose Clay at

I like to move between different mediums
of fiber art.  It seems each feeds my 
creative spirit in a different way.
Wool Applique and Punch Needle
are at the top of my list.
But I also like Rug Hooking and Hand Embroidery.
I'm happiest when I can do all of these things 
with some balance.

'Tulip and Philphlot' wool applique and punch needle by Rose Clay at

I've been working on a beautiful,
old fashioned Philphlot design.

A Philphlot is a swirled design that can be 
carved in wood, punched in tin, painted onto a surface
or, as in these applications,
pieced together in wool applique or 
completed as a punch needle project.

'Tulip and Philphlot' wool applique and punch needle by Rose Clay at

'Tulip and Philphlot'
is an adaptation of a design on a 
Pennsylvania painted dower chest, 
dated 1781.

'Tulip and Philphlot' wool applique and punch needle by Rose Clay at

I am offering this design in both 
and a 
with detailed directions unique to each pattern.

~  ~  ~
It is a bit nippy cold here in Pennsylvania.
We woke up to 26 degrees at 5 a.m.
~ A perfect day for something warm and nourishing ~
I'm thinking a big kettle of 
Creamy Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom
Tortellini Soup for dinner this evening.
And...if I have time, homemade rolls...
 (a recipe from my neighbor, Theresa - Thank You !)
~  ~  ~
Enjoy the start to your week !


  1. Beautiful designs!
    Being close to Lake Erie is advantageous in the fall. We still have not had a frost and the geraniums are still blooming.
    Did the tomatoes make it through the night?
    Hugs :)

  2. Everything you do turns to perfection and again love what you are working on. My staple during the cold season is soup and salad. Tonight I'm having the last of my chicken rice soup. Had planned to make homemade Minestrone soup next but yours sounds intriguing. Could you send me the recipe or post it on your blog?

  3. Rose - I've always loved this particular design, though I never knew what it was called until you educated me! LOL I hooked a rug identical to it a couple years ago and I think it's one of my favorites. Wonderful seeing you do it in wool applique and needle punch!

  4. What a lovely design. I love the colors you chose.
    Both are just amazing. Your soup sounds wonderful too.
    26 brrr.

  5. Beautiful stitching, Rose. When the calendar says November it's soup time...even here in sunny Florida. Yours sounds so yummy!
    Have a lovely day!


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