Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wool Pennies...

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

Have you ever changed something in your house 
and it led to another change and another change ?
I purchased a very simple 
oil-rubbed bronze (actually black) candle chandelier 
for our dining room.
I'm loving it...
but, now I need to cover the seats on the
shawl back chairs...
and make a new table runner for our 
Shaker Table, which is very long and narrow.
All this before Christmas ????
I don't think so,
but, I have started a long wool table runner.

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

Lots, (did I mention, LOTS)
of wool pennies to cut out.

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

I like seeing stacks of wool pennies...
like candy on display !

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

The nights have been crispy cold here in PA.
Winter is taking hold.
I've been enjoying passing the frigid evenings 
with a steaming cup of warm chai tea
and stitching pennies.
A relaxing way to end the day.

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

Many, many pennies...
wool pennies in my sleep !
This particular Penny runner measures
41 inches x 9 inches.
I still have a few more details to add
before I'm finished.

Wool Penny Table Runner by Rose Clay at

It seems cold and snow is covering about half
of the USA.  Stay warm and safe, 
if you are in this snow zone...


  1. Oh my, you certainly are busy.
    Im working on stocking replacements for my grt nephew and his Dad..lost in Postal space.

  2. So many beautiful colors in this runner! Love it!

  3. This runner is wonderful... so many colors... it is BEAUTIFUL. Lucky you...SNOW! No snow or rain for us. Just the same old, same old...sunny, cloudy, windy, sunny, so it goes, but that's why it is called desert. Anyways Enjoy your making pennys too. Hmmm, Maybe that should be my next project.

    Peace and Blessings

  4. This table runner is just beautiful!! I love it so far.

  5. I loved everything in this post except that s word. The background wool is great in this piece. One day, I will pull out the boxes of wool and attempt a small project said the procrastinator.

  6. One of the fun things looking at the pennies is that I recognize most of the wool as something which is either on my shelf now or have used.

  7. It's looking really GOOD! Hand work is the best thing to do - which is why we love stitching, right?

  8. You have a great eye for putting the colors together. It has helped me so much. Stay warm and share your progress often.

  9. I love your runner I just got done a tree skirt that had lambs tungs all the way around so I had pennies in my sleep.
    we are in for a big storm tomorrow night into monday we shall see we have snow on the ground now.

  10. Love, love this runner,,,, must try one! A small one,,,, its lovely,,,,
    Have lots of snow!!
    Its very christmasy now but very cold!! Only 14degrees ,,, yikes,,,, wool will warm me up,,,, also need to finish some small punches for gifts,,,, better hurry,,,
    Take care,,enjoy ur photos and blogs,,,, happy christmas,,,,

  11. I just love that runner. Yes, one change and I end up changing everything. I hope you get finished. I haven't picked up a needle or a hook in three weeks.
    It is cold here too, for here I mean, nothing like your cold I am sure. :) Just wonderful all of that pretty wool! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  12. Pennies from heaven! Love them. I notice you are stitching the three layered pennies down to the wool with what looks like no basting the pennies down or another method. Did you put a dab of glue under those layers? Just wondering. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. I too love your runner. Sooo many wonderful colors!!!

  14. Beautiful wool pennies--will you bead them? I love that look of beads you do on wool pieces...hugs, Julierose

  15. Beautiful as always.
    Merry, merry :)


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