Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bay Leaves And Beads...

Wool Pincushion -

Where has the last week gone ??
A house full of family and friends,
kettles of chili and pans of cornbread...
several custom orders to "finish"...
and did I mention TAX TIME ! Ugh.

Glass Beads for embellishment -

Any day I can work with beads, 
is a good day. 
I love simple pleasures... 

Glass Beaded Blanket Stitch  -

I've been stitching a lot of glass beaded edging.

Wool Fabric -

Things are a little bit of a mess...
piles of wool everywhere.

Wool Fabric -

Time to organize...

Wool Fabric -

I can't even begin to gather my thoughts 
until the wool is in neat piles, 
so that I can see what I have to 
work with !

String Holder -

My #3 Daughter visited and brought
me this wonderful string holder,
complete with a neat pair of rustic scissors.
**  Love  **

Bay Leaf Tree -

I stopped by the greenhouse this week,
to pick up my own little Bay Leaf tree...
they are sturdy and so easy to care for.

Orange, Cranberry and Bay Leaf Garland -

I will need to have the Bay leaves for next year 
to string a new garland, like this one. 

Enjoy the day before you !


  1. What a sweet gift from your daughter :)
    It's so hard to keep wool organized!!!
    Happy hump day. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.
    Hugs :)

  2. Everything looks great. What a great gift! I had a lovely Bay Leave tree. When I had a horse, he ate it to the ground. I need to get another one. I loved it. What a great idea.
    So may great projects. Have a lovely week.

    1. Another horse or another bay leaf :)

  3. sweet string/scissors holder! I do love your beading on the very pretty and relaxing to do :)

  4. I love the orange garland with bay leaves. I wonder if a small tree would grow here in Apple Valley, which is in of the Mojave Desert. Gonna have to check that out as I also love bay leaves for cooking. Love your beading...great idea and so pretty.

    Happy Days and Peace for ALL,

  5. Great string holder and garland! Your blue bead edge is perfect.

  6. Im still thinking about the chili n cornbread..
    My string holder has a rooster on top and I love it.
    Your beading is so beautiful and I do love the look.
    Im going to search out a bay leaf tree. Always liked the string fruit during holidays but have never got beyond cloves in oranges. .


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