Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More Velvet, Please...

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

I've been completely enjoying punching with velvet !
And, even though I thought I would use it for small
projects, I couldn't resist doing a larger flower
design.  Of course, punching flowers
takes a lot of colors...
off to the thread store, once again...

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

finding every reason to keep adding
to my velvet collection.
Even if I don't need every color,
I WANT every color !
Come on ladies, there must be 
someone else out there like me !
Does anyone know what I am talking about ??

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

I did learn a thing or two while on this adventure.
The Petite Velvet can be punched using the 
medium needle.  I always try to buy the 'Petite'.
Sometimes, a certain color may only come in 
a regular Very Velvet, (not Petite).  In that case,
you will have to use the large needle.
(The Petite Velvet has 15 yards on a card,
whereas the regular velvet has 10 yards.)

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

"The Windowbox" punch needle design 
will use a combination of 
velvets and Valdani variegated Perle Cotton thread.

Punch Needle using Velvet by Rose Clay at

Velvet, wool, perle cotton and glass beads...
A finish for two small velvet punch needle designs.
More velvet, please...

Enjoy your day...


  1. I Love that look. Oh boy I CANNOT even think about it. All I need is another addiction. :) Wool is my newest. DMC floss, had to have every color.

  2. Lovely! I bet it feels good just to!

  3. such BEAUTIFUL colors and textures! Your work is lovely ;)

  4. I love how pretty it looks. I totally understand I would want every color too. I love your designs.

  5. Your a bad influence..I had to get some of this to try because I didn't have enough projects. ha. ha.
    love cone flowers

  6. They look spectacular in the projects you are using them in Rowe. I do not need them but you have me wondering how they would look couched in a Sue Spargo piece, or maybe even stitched like silken chenille? Oh no!

  7. Wow! They look so...wait for it...petal soft!!! Lol. Couldn't resist, but they really do. I have my Sparrow piece kitted & ready to start, but decided to hold off until the baby comes. Meredith is at 34 weeks so the nesting has begun! The velvet is awesome. I will try it one day! The countdown to baby continues!

  8. Beautiful! The velvet has a soft and unique appearance about it... very vintage!

  9. I think the velvet adds a lot of depth to your work - the colors and texture are just beautiful - and of course your design is perfect! Thanks for telling us about this new product Rose!

  10. Love the texture this brings with the pearl cotton. Can anyone advise on a site for a DMC floss conversion to Valdani pearl cotton? Thank you.


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