Monday, March 20, 2017

Bird And Twig Wool Applique...

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

Happy First Day Of Spring to you !
I've been working out the details 
of a Bird and Twig wool applique design.

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

Beautiful warm wool colors.  Not sure if the blue
dots are berries or blooms... but, no matter, 
as it all comes together.

Wool Applique by Rose Clay at

Hoping to finish this onto a long and narrow
keepsake box.

Enjoy your day.


  1. Beautiful design and great colors.
    Always inspiring.

  2. I always look forward to your updates. You are so inspiring to me.
    I hope that soon, I will be caught up enough to enjoy stitching.
    Every year I forget that spring is so busy. I look forward to seeing it on your keepsake box.


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