Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wooly Strawberries...

Beaded Wool Strawberries by Rose Clay


Fresh Strawberries

No other words needed !
Yum, who can resist ??

Beaded Wool Strawberry Kits by Rose Clay at   (Studio)

~ On my work table ~
Beautiful wool in reds, pinks, plaids, herringbone...
and greens for the 'caps'.

Beaded Wool Strawberries by Rose Clay

available in my Studio...
super easy and you'll have a bowl of
wooly good strawberries in no time !

~  ~  ~

Greenhouse Flowers

I'm beginning to realize I have a serious problem
with greenhouses...
I just can't seem to stay out of them !
They are my 'perfect getaway' on 
a cold, rainy afternoon !

Greenhouse Flowers

Wishing you a wonderful Spring weekend...


  1. Rose, your strawberries are fabulous and the greenhouse flowers are gorgeous!! It's nice and rainy here in northern Utah but the hyacinth are out and the tulips are ready soon!!

  2. We are still cold so no planting here but when I start I am like you I can't stay out of them.

  3. Wonderful berries...gorgeous reds! The greenhouse...I'd spend the night if they allowed it!
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  4. Such sweet little berries!
    Happy Sunday :)

  5. I love your strawberries! Fresh and wool. I would loose my mind in a green house like that. Wow, that is what we are doing on Friday though. I love going to those places so much.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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