Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Little Tool That I Can't Do Without...

TwistEase for Morgan Hoop

I use a Morgan Hoop when I 
do Punch Needle embroidery.
My hands always hurt when I tighten or loosen 
the wingnut on my hoop.

** (For my Newsletter readers,
you know how much I love this simple tool !) **

TwistEase for Morgan Hoop

"TwistEase" is one of those little items
that I keep in my stitching carrier - 
it's always with me !
It is the perfect solution to tighten or loosen 
the wingnut quickly and easily.

TwistEase for Morgan Hoop

***  Please note - this product can be 
found at the following link... ***

It is available at QuiltersWarehouse.

I love products that make my job easier !

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The sun is SHINING, at finally !!
Enjoy this beautiful day...


  1. Thanks for the tip, Rose.
    A beautiful day in northern Ohio, too.
    Enjoy :)

  2. oh thank you. No more hurting fingers

  3. That would be handy. I have never seen one before. My hands get like that too. Thanks for sharing you always have such great ideas.

  4. Love this idea of the 'twistease'..I too am having more and more problems with the strength in my hands. Will check this out.
    Have a great weekend with Folk Art Hugs, Barb

  5. Hi Rose! I can't find this on Amazon, and I'd really like one!


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