Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rich Jewel Tones...

Punch Needle Design in rich Valdani colors by Rose Clay at

It's all about color...

Overnight, my Weeping Purple Beech
came to life.  Leaf buds that were copper,
opened up to a fantastic, rich, burnt red.
My color inspiration for
my new Punch Needle design...

My Meadow Rue is in full bloom...
this variety is called "Black Stockings",
because the blooms are 
on tall, very dark (black) stems.
Almost sounds scandalous !!
Black Stockings ??
Who comes up with these names !

Valdani Perle Cotton for Punch Needle

Lovely, rich Valdani shades
in Jewel tones.

Punch Needle Design in rich Valdani colors by Rose Clay at

When I sat down and sketched out this design,
I had plans for something entirely different.
Took a stroll through the garden and 
went back in, to continue working...
Inspired by the colors I saw in the gardens...
this came to life.  I'm loving the deep colors.

Take time today
to notice the small things...


  1. Oh goodness, Black Stockings definitely wouldn't have come to mind if I had been naming that variety! Those Valdani threads are just gorgeous! Fun to see how your garden/yard is giving you inspiration!

  2. Can't wait to see it !! Love the weeping birch. I had one started about waist high. I soon shot up taking on a bend and shortly looking like a dinosaur. Soon it was about 8 ft tall. We moved and I drove by the house and I think it had been cut down !!!! :( I live beech trees especially tri-color. Thank you for sharing.


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