Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yummy Colors Of Fine Weave-Weavers Cloth...

Fine weave-Weavers Cloth in beautiful colors.

Lovely colors of
fine weave-Weavers Cloth
are laying across my work table at the moment...

'Simply Sunflowers' punch needle design on Moss fine weave-Weavers Cloth by Rose Clay

I used the 'Moss' cloth with this
'Simply Sunflowers' punch needle design.

Punch Needle design by Rose Clay on Dove Gray fine weave-Weavers Cloth

Onto a new color...
I am now experimenting with 
a punch needle design on the 
'Dove Gray' fine weave-Weavers Cloth.
I'm thinking... a young lady with an umbrella
on a rainy, gray day.
Not sure how this one will work...
I'll give it a couple days of punching and see
how it comes together.

Comfort zones easily become boring...


  1. Oh wow, what a great idea..colored weavers cloth.
    love that.

  2. Where did you find such lovely colors of weavers cloth?

  3. Yes they do, it is hard to break out of them but so nice when you do.
    I love all of those colors. I didn't know it came in bright colors like that. I hope you are having pleasant weather today.
    Have a wonderful day dreaming and imagining and pushing yourself to a new place.

  4. I've not seen colored weavers cloth. I'm sure you will work your magic with them.
    Hugs :)


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